Photo of an electric car being charged. Photo by GRIDSERVE.

Businesses will have the opportunity to explore the practicalities of changing from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles as part of a partnership event on Tuesday 19 April.

The free to attend events, which are open to Warrington-based businesses, are run by GRIDSERVE in partnership with the council. Funding for the events comes from the REWIRE NW project, a smart energy innovation project designed to help resolve some of the challenges we face shifting to a clean energy future.

There are two bookable slots for the events, at 10am and 12.30pm, where local businesses will get the chance to speak to industry experts and find out more about transforming their business fleets.

Those who are unable to make the events in person will still be able to attend the event online. To register for the digital event, please email

The events will also help businesses to understand the benefits of electrifying vehicle fleets, ahead of the government’s phase-out of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK, which has been brought forward to 2030.

Warrington businesses will be able to find out more about the current status of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in the UK, as well as understand the data needed to plan fleet electrification.

GRIDSERVE will provide help to guide businesses to take some practical first steps towards vehicle fleet decarbonisation, with the opportunity for further free support to develop a detailed and costed fleet plan.

Cllr Tom Jennings, Cabinet Member for economic development and innovation, said: “If you are looking to make changes to your fleet, or want to prepare for the future now, these events will provide you with the information you need to make a start.  They should help make the move to electric vehicles as smoother.

“There’s lots of common misconceptions about electric vehicles leading to questions about whether making the transition to an electric business fleet will meet business needs, but many are already starting to make the transition.

“Although fully electrifying your business fleet can be a big step, it doesn’t need to be difficult to get started.  These events provide the opportunity for businesses to find out more, start taking the first steps and to make plans to for ‘future proof’ green fleets.”

Register for the event at: