Black, blue and green bins with a red cross through them denoting no bins will be emptied

Strike action is taking place until 24 December.


Update - Friday 1 December

Household waste drop-off points

We have added two household waste drop-off points where you can take your normal household waste as well as to our Community recycling centres.

Assisted collections

Depending on staffing levels, which is difficult to predict given the uncertainties caused by the strikes, we will send out bin crews to help those who have registered for assisted bin collections.  

This means we will be prioritise collecting household waste for those who have registered for assisted bin collections or have medical issues. Many of these residents are vulnerable, may have mobility issues and will need support to dispose of their waste.

Strikes until Christmas Eve

Unite are conducting another period of strike action from 5 December until 24 December

We regret the continued disruption and frustration that our residents and communities are facing.

High court hearing

On Tuesday 28 November, our case was heard at the High Court in London, regarding the continued bin strikes in Warrington.

We made the case to grant an interim injunction to immediately stop the industrial action. We can confirm, with deep regret, that this interim injunction has not been granted. 

This ruling may lead to significant future implications for all councils who continue to abide by the national pay agreements for local government.

It was our belief that we had a strong case and good prospect of a positive outcome. While this judgement deems the current strike action by Unite to be lawful, we continue to be hugely disappointed by the impact that their course of action is causing for our town. We continue to call on Unite and their members to end the strike and to return to work.

We know that this ruling is not an acceptable outcome for our residents, whose bins desperately need emptying.

We continue to consider legal options, including whether to appeal the court decision.

What to do with your waste

    Use our recycling centres

    You can continue to use our community recycling centres, which have extended opening hours.

    Separate your recycling into cardboard, glass bottles and jars, tin cans and recyclable plastic to make it easy for you once you get to the recycling centre.

    Woolston community recycling centre

    8am - 6pm, Monday to Sunday (extended hours)
    Black, blue and green bin waste

    Gatewarth community recycling centre

    8am - 6pm, Monday to Sunday (extended hours)
    Black, blue and green bin waste

    Stockton Heath community recycling centre

    9am - 4pm, Monday to Sunday (extended hours)
    Black, blue and green bin waste

    Visit a household waste drop-off point

    We have two more drop-off points for household (black bin) waste, alongside our three community recycling centres.

    Drop-off points are open 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday from Tuesday 5 December.

    Please do not leave household waste outside of the 10am - 4pm opening hours.

    At each drop-off point, there are skips for rubbish you would put in your black bin at home.

    Drop-off points cannot take:

    • household recycling or garden waste
    • business/ trade waste and any materials you would normally need a permit to dispose of
    • vans, trailers or large vehicles
    • any waste you wouldn’t put in your black bin (eg appliances, large household waste items, furniture of any size)

    Victoria Park

    Knutsford Road, WA4 1DG

    10am - 4pm,  Monday - Friday
    Black bin waste only

    Alder Lane

    Orford, WA2 8AG
    Car park near the community centre at the end of Alder lane, by the bowling greens.

    10am - 4pm,  Monday - Friday
    Black bin waste only

    At home

    • Flatten any household waste before putting it in the bin so that you can fit more in (make sure not to pack waste in too tightly that it risks not being able to be emptied properly)
    • Talk to your neighbours about sharing bin space so all bins are filled
    • If you have the space and your bin is full, keep your recycling waste indoors

    Bin strike FAQs

    Who is striking?

    Members of the Trade Union UNITE are striking in Warrington as part of a national pay dispute.

    When does the strike action end?

    Strikes will be running until 24 December 2023. 

    Why can’t I check my bin collection date/report a missed bin online?

    We have removed these pages on our website where you can normally check when your bin is due to be emptied or report a missed bin to us. This is so people won't get confused and we will reinstate these pages after the strike action finishes.

    Will I get a refund on my council tax because my household waste/recycling bin has not been emptied?

    We understand that not having your household waste or recycling bins emptied is frustrating.

    That being said, council tax is and remains a tax. That means households legally have to pay their council tax bill, even if services are disrupted, or even if people don’t use certain services. A mechanism for this type of refund does not exist.

    We are working on plans to make sure that a waste and recycling catch-up operation happens after the strike action.

    I am a garden waste subscriber, what will happen with these collection?

    We will be in touch with our garden waste subscribers in due course.

    I am a commercial waste subscriber, what will happen with these collections?

    We will be in touch with our commercial waste subscribers to offer updates directly.

    Can you pay agency staff to empty the bins?

    By law, we are banned from paying agency workers to cover the duties performed by a worker who is taking part in a strike. This prevents us from employing agency workers to cover the duties of employees on strike.