Photo of The Bier Huis at Warrington Market

Warrington Market has welcomed a brand-new addition to its vibrant food and drink scene with the grand opening of the Hop Emporium ‘Bier Huis’ this summer. 

Town Centre

This exciting new venture promises to bring an authentic taste of Europe to the heart of Warrington, offering an extensive selection of Belgian and German biers alongside non-alcoholic options.

Located on the Market Terrace, the Bier Huis will feature a diverse menu of carefully curated beers, including world-renowned Belgian ales and classic German lagers unique to Warrington. 

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or simply looking for a new spot to enjoy an alfresco drink, the Bier Huis is the perfect destination.

Josh Lightfoot, chief beer sommelier at the Hop Emporium said: “As Warrington’s most discerning Beer Mongers, we simply had to lean on the brewing heavyweights of Belgium and Germany for our latest output. 

“We’re excited to unleash biers from the 6th generation headstrong Belgian Craft Brewer Cornelissen with their outstanding Fruit Witbiers, classy King Mule IPA and smooth as silk Pax Pils available to the UK on tap for the very first time. 

“No world beer list however would be complete without the bier mecca that is the World’s Oldest Brewery of Weihenstephan in Bavaria and next-door, Hefewiessbier, offering their superb Helles lager on draught.

“Lastly, from what must be the most eagerly awaited collab in Brewing history, is the limited edition Braupakt 6.5% Golden Ale from the Belgian brewmasters of St Bernardus and Germany’s Weihenstephaner combined”.

Cllr Laura Watson, Cabinet Member for economy, growth and quality work, said: “I’m delighted to see another new addition to Warrington Market with the Hop Emporium’s new venture, the Bier Huis. 

“This new outdoor bar really complements the outstanding offer of food and drink venues at the Cookhouse in the Market.”

The Bier Huis is set to open from 11am on Saturday 6 July.

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10 July 2024