Penketh residents are being urged to share their views following the launch of a community governance review of Penketh Parish Council.

Community governance reviews give councils the opportunity to look at the whole or part of an area to consider a number of issues including:

  • The creation, merger, alteration or abolition of a parish
  • The name of a parish
  • The electoral arrangements for parishes, such as the year of election, council size and boundary area

In the case of the community governance review for Penketh Parish Council, the review was instigated after a petition to abolish the parish council, proposed by Penketh residents, met the required threshold.

Because the required number of petition signatories was met, the council has a duty to conduct a community governance review.

The review will therefore consider whether the parish council could be abolished and what other options there are to continue local services within the parish.

The council needs to hear the views of Penketh residents and other consultees in forming any recommendations about the future of the parish council. It also needs to consider what other models of community governance could be feasible as an alternative to a parish council, including community representation and community engagement methods, area management committees or resident forums.

Penketh residents and people/organisations who have an interest in the parish area, can share their views by completing an online survey which is available until Sunday 19 February. Alternatively, people can write to Warrington Borough Council’s electoral services team at Warrington Town Hall, WA1 1UH.

Warrington Borough Council Chief Executive, Professor Steven Broomhead MBE, said: “Community governance reviews are infrequent, but provide people with the opportunity to consider their local area and services delivered in their communities.

“This community governance review, which considers whether Penketh Parish Council should be abolished, is a particularly important opportunity for people to share their views and suggestions.

“It is true to say that the abolition of parish councils is extremely rare. However, regardless of the ultimate outcome of this impartial review, we want to ensure that it brings about improved community engagement and increased local democracy.”

Following the initial consultation stage, recommendations will be published and subject to cross-party review by the council’s audit and corporate governance committee, with final recommendations taken to a meeting of the Full Council. This is expected to conclude around June 2023.

16 August 2023