Image of a pump track in a park setting.

Plans are being developed for an exciting new cycling facility in Great Sankey – and local people are being invited to have their say.

Warrington Borough Council, working together with Great Sankey Parish Council, is putting forward proposals for a new pump track in Dakota Park. A consultation begins on 11 June 2023 running until 14 July 2023, to give everyone the chance to share their views on the plans.

A pump track is a continuous circuit for cyclists of banked turns, interspaced by rollers and other features that can be ridden on a bike without pedalling. It’s an increasingly popular way to encourage young people – and the whole family - to exercise, while developing balancing and bike handling skills in a safe environment, away from traffic.

The “pump” part is the pushing-down and pulling-up action performed by riders in accordance with the structure’s design as the main source of propulsion.

Pump tracks are great fun and provide users with an up-and-down feeling of weightlessness, similar to the drops and climbs in a roller-coaster, but on a micro-level. They are designed this way so they can be ridden without the need for pedalling.

Aimed primarily at young people, pump tracks can be used by any type of bicycle, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades. Featuring rounded edges, gentle embankments and perfect geometry, they are designed with safety in mind.

Cllr Paul Warburton, the council’s Cabinet Member for statutory health and adult social care, who is a keen bike rider, is leading the project. He said: “I’m very excited about this proposed pump track, which would provide a fantastic asset for our community.

“Pumps tracks are a great way for people to get involved in cycling in a fun, accessible and safe way – and while their focus is on younger children, the benefits can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all skill levels.

“We have seen in other places where pump tracks have been installed that they bring many health and wellbeing benefits and create a fun and positive atmosphere. In addition, parks with pump tracks often see a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

“We want to hear your views on these proposals. Please get involved in our consultation so we can gather feedback from as many local residents as possible.”

If given the go-ahead, it is proposed that the pump track is developed on a 10m x 20m footprint to the west of the children’s play area at Dakota Park (if facing the park from Sainsbury’s). Funding for the project would be provided by Great Sankey Parish Council with a £20,000 investment, matched by the council.

A range of information about the proposed pump track will be available at Great Sankey Parish Council’s family fun day, which takes place at Dakota Park from 12 noon - 4pm on Sunday 11 June.

To take part in the consultation please visit from Sunday 11 June and complete the Dakota Park pump track survey. The deadline for feedback is Friday 14 July 2023.