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Warrington’s Local Plan – which aims to deliver the homes, jobs, supporting infrastructure and community facilities the borough needs – has been formally adopted by the Council as the new Development Plan for the Borough.

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The Local Plan was adopted by Full Council at its meeting yesterday (Monday 4 December), following confirmation from the Independent Planning Inspectors that they deemed the Plan to be ‘sound’, subject to the Main Modifications they recommended in their October 2023 Report to the Council.

Written in accordance with government planning guidance, and informed by feedback from the public, the Plan sets out the legal planning framework for the Borough’s development over the next two decades.

It aims to:

  • deliver a minimum of 14,688 new homes (equating to 816 per year) between 2021/22 and 2038/39
  • support Warrington’s ongoing economic success by ensuring provision is made to meet the need for 168 hectares of employment land between 2021/22 and 2038/39

The Plan’s main priority remains to optimise the development potential of the existing urban area, which can accommodate around 10,900 new homes in the Plan period. This means Green Belt land for around 4,400 homes needs to be released for the Council to meet its housing requirement.

The total amount of land proposed to be removed from the Green Belt is 390 hectares –- equating to 3.4% of the total amount of Green Belt land in the Borough. This is significantly lower than that proposed in previous versions of the Local Plan.

The main employment site has been allocated on brownfield land at Fiddlers Ferry, to provide for a mix of industrial uses.

Warrington’s Local Plan will ensure that the infrastructure required for the Borough’s growth is appropriately phased with new development.

Warrington Borough Council's Cabinet Member for environment, housing and public protection, Cllr Hitesh Patel, said: “Our Local Plan will play a hugely important role in shaping Warrington’s future. It aims to benefit everyone who lives and works here, driving our growth, guiding development, meeting our housing needs, and supporting jobs – all while protecting the Green Belt as much as possible.

“This plan has been developed and shaped through extensive consultation and engagement with independent planning inspectors and crucially, the Borough’s residents and businesses. By working together, I believe we have delivered a plan which is the right fit for Warrington’s future. I’m delighted that the plan has now been approved and can be formally adopted.”

5 December 2023