Image of a genuine, Warrington Borough Council textiles bank.

Warrington Borough Council is advising people who wish to donate clothes to charities to check closely that the textiles bank they're using is genuine.

The council has seen a recent influx of rogue textiles recycling banks popping up across Warrington.

These ‘rogue containers’ have been appearing all over the town, including in car parks and retail parks, as well as sites where there are no official containers. They don’t appear to be affiliated to any charity, do not have a charity number and are being placed without landowners’ permission.

Landowners and the public are being alerted about these banks, which prey on people’s generosity. It is very unlikely clothes and shoes in these containers will be helping charitable causes, or being disposed of responsibly.

Residents who wish to donate their unwanted clothes and shoes, should look for textiles banks that are clearly marked with the Warrington Borough Council logo, or are registered to a known charity.

You can check charity numbers on the charity register, at

16 August 2023