In the event of a power cut anywhere in Warrington, please contact Scottish Power Energy Networks on 0800 001 5400 or call the national power cut operator on 105.

You can also check if they already know about a problem by searching your postcode on their website.

Scottish Power Energy Networks are responsible for maintaining the electricity network and restoring the supply as quickly as possible should a fault occur. Sometimes they will need to switch off your electricity supply for essential repairs and maintenance of the network, but they aim to write to you with at least five days notice if this is the case.

What to do during a power cut

There is some helpful advice and guidance on the SP Energy Networks website about what to do if your power goes out, including how to check your trip switches and fuses.  

It's useful to keep the following items to hand in case of a power cut:

  • Battery powered or wind-up radio (and spare batteries)
  • Battery powered or wind-up torch (and spare batteries)
  • Blankets to keep warm
  • Mobile phone – many landlines won't work if mains power is interrupted
  • Any medical equipment that may be needed

Extra support

If you are disabled, have a chronic illness, rely on medical equipment, or you have other needs which may mean you are vulnerable during a power cut, you can ask to be included on Scottish Power Energy Network’s priority service register by contacting 0330 10 10 444 or by completing a priority services registration form.

This doesn't necessarily mean your power will be restored more quickly, but SP Energy Networks will try to be proactive and contact you if they know about a problem in your area.

17 March 2023