Thinking about using cotton nappies?

Modern cotton nappies are a convenient and reliable alternative to using disposable nappies.

Made with soft comfortable fabrics, easy to use, Velcro/popper fastens, they’re great for your baby but better for the environment and can be better on your pocket too.


  • Cotton nappies are naturally absorbent without relying on absorbent chemicals that are used in disposables.
  • Babies wearing cotton nappies are generally potty trained 6-12 months earlier.
  • Cotton nappies are great for babies with skin conditions because they are naturally breathable, unlike disposables which become hotter when wet.
  • Easy to use.
  • No more pins! Cotton nappies now fasten with Velcro, poppers
  • Soft, quick drying fabrics make them easy to wash at low temperatures and dry quickly.
  • There are many different types of nappies to choose from.
  • quick drying, easy to use and natural/organic fabrics. 

Cut down on waste

  • Even just using washable nappies part time will have a significant effect on the volume of waste you throw away each week.
  • A baby in disposables will need about 4000 nappies until they are potty trained, compare this with just 18 cotton nappies needed from birth to potty!
  • Cotton nappies can be washed and used again and again, so there is less waste in your bin.
  • Even just using one cotton nappy a day can make a real difference. 

Warrington’s Cotton Nappy Incentives

Residents can claim a £30 discount when spending £50 or more on cotton nappies through Lizzie’s Real Nappies. 

To claim the discount please e-mail: 

To have a look at the different cotton nappies available visit