Welcome – Papua New Guinea!

Welcome, PNG

Welcome, PNG!

Warrington is a Rugby League town - it is in our DNA. And in 2021, Warrington will be playing its part in the Rugby League World Cup 2021.

We’re delighted that for next year’s tournament, we will be hosting the Papua New Guinea men’s team.

Did you know?

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a mountainous, tropical and diverse island whose population are known to collectively speak 700 different languages. Some 80% of PNG’s people live in rural areas, with many tribes living in some of the island’s isolated and mountainous areas.

PNG also has a rich Rugby League history. It’s the country’s national sport and the national team are known as ‘the Kumuls’, which means birds-of-paradise in Tok Pisin, a creole language spoke throughout the country.

In 2017, PNG was joined by Australia and New Zealand as tournament hosts for the Rugby League World Cup, and they reached the quarter-finals when they were beaten by a well-drilled England side 36-6.

We can’t wait to welcome PNG, our adopted team for the tournament, to Warrington. Our streets will be filled with colour, music and art and we will make sure to play our part to give PNG a tournament to remember!

Rugby for all

Warrington has a unique personality, where community, warmth and friendliness sit side by side with ambition and enterprise.

This spirit is made clear through the work of the Wolves Foundation, who are visionaries in pioneering physical disability in Rugby League.

Our credentials of being a town that works and supports everyone is further strengthened by the work of Warrington Disability Partnership, which hosts the annual Disability Awareness Day – the world’s largest non-profit disability exhibition

And, after Warrington Wolves was crowned the first club world champions of Physical Disability Rugby League in 2018, it is fitting that Warrington will once again be able to showcase a world first by hosting the PDRL World Cup in 2021.

Warrington will play its part again

Samoa vs Fiji

Samoa vs Fiji in 2013

Many of us will remember the World Cup in 2013, when Warrington hosted the infectiously enthusiastic Samoan national team. And those who were at the Halliwell Jones stadium to watch the epic clash between Samoa and New Zealand will testify that Warrington has witnessed some of Rugby League’s best sporting memories.

The World Cup in 2021 will again deliver some inspirational moments that will become highlights of the sporting calendar and beyond. Warrington will, once again, welcome world-class athletes, playing an incredible sport.

Plan your tournament visit to Warrington

Our town has bags to offer. Whether it’s enjoying the beautiful Walton Hall and Gardens, exploring cultural gems like Warrington Museum and Art Gallery or catching a show at the Pyramid and Parr Hall, there truly is something for everyone.

What unites our town, however, is our sport. Rugby League is the heartbeat of Warrington – and you feel its presence wherever you are. The Warrington Wolves are one of the founding members of the Northern Rugby Football Union and are a top-flight staple.

Generations of Warringtonians will have their own sporting memories to share. And, with the World Cup coming back to our town in 2021, Warrington has the chance to create new Rugby League stories that will be shared on the global stage. We are going to play a special role in delivering the biggest, best and most inclusive Rugby League World Cup ever.

We are, and always will be, a town in love with rugby league. Bring on 2021.

PNG flag

The PNG flag

PNG key facts:

  • Sixth in world rankings
  • Eighth World Cup appearance
  • Reached quarter finals in RLWC2017
  • Known as the Kumuls (the ‘birds of paradise)