School Street

Many schools across the borough experience a number of traffic related issues at the beginning and end of the school day. How schools manage pupils attending and leaving school in a safe COVID environment has also, in many cases, had an impact on the highways around schools. Warrington Borough Council is piloting a new traffic management measure known as a ‘School Street Scheme’ to create more space around schools and improve road safety.

What is a School Street?

A School street scheme is where a road outside a school temporarily closes to motor traffic during the schools opening and closing times to create a predominantly car free zone. Removing vehicles outside school creates a safer environment for children travelling to and from school. The scheme is in support of the school encouraging active travel by walking and cycling for the journey to and from school, which in turn will help the environment by reducing congestion and pollution.

What restrictions will be in place?

No vehicles will be able to enter the restricted zones between the times of operation unless they have been given an exemption.

The council will be introducing an experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) starting 30 November 2020, which will be in force for a minimum of 6 months. The TRO will support the implementation of School Street and will legally prohibit any motor vehicle without a permit or valid exemption from using the School Street area whilst in operation. The scheme will be enforced by the use of temporary, (moveable) barriers.

New gateway signage will be put in place in the restricted area and the street becomes a pedestrian and cycling zone during the hours of operation.

How will it work?

The scheme will operate Monday - Friday during term-time only.


St Andrews CE Primary

Restriction times

Monday – Friday

  • 8.20am – 9.10am  and
  • 2.10pm – 3.10pm

Properties affected

  • Mardale Avenue - odd numbers 1-3, even numbers 2 – 26
  • Scafell Avenue
  • Howson Road - Numbers 69, 71 

Vehicle exemptions

It is necessary for certain vehicles to have access to the School Street zone during the hours of operation.

The following exemptions apply:

  • Emergency services, doctors on call, district nurses, carers and support workers
  • Postal service vehicles serving properties within the restricted roads
  • School buses and school transport serving the school within the restricted roads
  • Blue badge holders
  • Public transport
  • Taxis serving properties in the restricted zone
  • School contract taxi
  • Funeral cortege
  • Tradespeople working within the restricted area
  • Any vehicle displaying a valid permit

How will it affect me?


Residents living in the affected properties will receive a parking permit to enable access to the School Streets area during the restricted hours. Permits are to be displayed in vehicle(s) during these hours. However, we would encourage movements of residents vehicles to be kept to a minimum also, to contribute to the success of the scheme.

If you are a blue badge holder then you will be exempt, but will need to display your blue badge clearly during the hours of operation.


The council will not be issuing visitor parking permits. Please co-ordinate with any visitors to avoid arriving or leaving during the hours of operation when the restrictions are in force.


Tradespeople carrying out works on properties located within the School Street zone will be exempt from the restriction and will not require a permit. The same exemption applies for any deliveries due to affected properties during the restricted hours. We appreciate that deliveries can be difficult to control although we asked that every effort is made to encourage deliveries to be made outside of the operating times.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Parents/carers who are not able to walk or cycle their journey to school can park their vehicle outside of the School Street zone and complete the final part on foot.

Residents will continue to access the School Street zone whilst the restrictions are in force. Any existing parking restrictions in place on the roads will continue to operate. Anyone parking in contravention of these will be liable for the relevant penalty notice.

If you require further information, please contact the Traffic Management team via email

19 May 2021