The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is one of the key evidence base studies for the emerging Warrington Local Plan providing an assessment of how much land is potentially available for housing in the urban areas of the Borough. It forms the basis for understanding the capacity of the Borough’s existing urban areas to accommodate new housing development.

In line with national guidance the SHLAA establishes realistic assumptions about the availability, suitability and likely economic viability of land to meet the identified need for housing over the Local Plan period. The inclusion of sites within the SHLAA doesn't mean that they'll be allocated or receive planning consent for housing development. It's for the emerging Local Plan to decide where new housing should be located.

The SHLAA is reviewed on an annual basis.  Each review presents an opportunity for additional sites to be considered, and the methodology and approach to the assessment to be revisited.

The 2021 SHLAA

This is the eleventh SHLAA to be prepared for Warrington. It updates the previous 2021 SHLAA and comprehensively reviews all conclusions previously reached for sites already within the SHLAA process and assesses new sites.  All new sites submitted to us by 31 March 2020 have been considered in this update and conclusions updated on existing sites where new information has come to light.

Call For Sites Submissions

We continue to invite stakeholders to submit site suggestions for new housing development for inclusion in the SHLAA. You can submit a site which you deem suitable for housing using our Call for Sites form.

If you've previously submitted a site for consideration during previous Call for Site consultations then there's no need to resubmit your site unless you have any additional information to provide.