The street lighting service provides and maintains the majority of the 26,000 streetlights and 4,000 lit signs and bollards throughout Warrington.

When a street light develops a fault our team will aim to inspect and fix the problem within five working days. If the problem is caused by the electrical supply then it may be necessary to contact the utility company to assist with the repair.  


A street light fault is classed as an emergency if the light’s wires are exposed, if the shade is broken or hanging off or if the problem is caused by a road traffic accident.  If you think the problem is an emergency, please call Contact Warrington on 01925 443322 and the team will aim to inspect the light within two hours.

To report a faulty light you will need to tell us:

  • What the problem is, i.e. light out, light flickering, damaged pole, wires exposed
  • The street/road name
  • The individual street light number, if you know it (usually printed on a yellow sticker on the pole)
  • As much information as possible about the location of the light
  • You can also upload images
20 December 2022