Imprinted hands on the river of life fountain

On Monday 20 March, we will collectively remember the victims of the Warrington bombing which happened 30 years ago.

As part of the town’s remembrance in this 30th anniversary year, guests will be seated for an event in the town centre.

This event will take place from Market Gate, looking down towards Bridge Street.

The event is expected to begin at 12 noon and conclude at 12.45pm, with a one minute silence at 12.20pm.

We understand that many members of the public will want to pay their respects at the River of Life in the town centre and join in the one minute silence. Though the main Bridge Street thoroughfare will in large part be cordoned off for the event, there will still be a level of public access to Bridge Street - but this will be limited.

We expect that while people will still be able to access the town centre and local businesses, the town centre will be busy, so please be mindful of this if you are planning to visit.

Car Parking

  • Car parks in the town centre will remain open apart from the car park at Warrington Town Hall.

Road closures

Road closures will be enforced from 5am on some key routes:

  • Generally, on and around Bridge Street, from 5am-3pm there will be road closures and restrictions on some pedestrian access
  • From 5am, Buttermarket Street, from the junction with Scotland Road, will be closed
  • From 5am, Cairo Street, from Egypt Street to Sankey Street, will be closed - no vehicles will be permitted
  • From 5am, Horrocks Lane will be closed, with no vehicle access until around 2pm
  • From 9am, Sankey Street from Legh Street to Bold Street will be closed until approximately 2pm. Please be aware there will be no access or return until after the event finishes
  • For businesses in the town centre that are based around Bridge Street, Horsemarket Street, Buttermarket Street and Sankey Street, there will be no access for deliveries on the day until approximately 2pm

Map of road closures


24 April 2023