Plans to re-open libraries in Warrington

LiveWire unveils initial plans to allow reopening of selected Leisure and Library sites in Warrington.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas 


Can't wait to get you back

The plans to reopen will be in line with Government guidance, you can find more information on the Livewire website.

The Libraries Partnership Board (LPB) has now been set up to ensure Warrington's library services are dynamic, comprehensive, universal and sustainable for all Warrington residents.

LPB responsibilities:

  • Support the council to deliver a libraries service in compliance with the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964
  • Develop, publish and agree with partners a new Library Strategy for Warrington
  • Oversee the implementation of the Library Strategy and a programme of modernisation proposals as agreed by the council's Cabinet
  • Ensure impact assessments for each of the modernisation proposals are robust, and that consultation and engagement processes are appropriately carried out
  • Draw on national and international best practice to identify opportunities to sustain and enhance library services in Warrington
  • Lead on seeking external funding opportunities to promote innovation and best practice

The board can make recommendations to the council's Cabinet, policy committees, and to the LiveWire Board.

Library Strategy

In the first few months of 2019, we published our draft Library Strategy for 2019-22 and asked you what you thought about it. We’re now finalising the strategy based on what you told us, and we hope to publish the final Library Strategy 2019-22 in the summer.

Board members:

  • Lynton Green (Chair) - Director of Corporate Services, Warrington Borough Council
  • Eleanor Blackburn - Head of Strategic Partnerships and Commissioning, Warrington Borough Council
  • Emma Hutchinson - Managing Director, LiveWire and Culture Warrington
  • Cheryl Siddall - People, Performance and Resources Director, LiveWire
  • Wendy Molyneux - Strategic Library Manager, LiveWire
  • Amanda Juggins - Business Intelligence Manager, Warrington Borough Council
  • Steve Cullen - Chief Officer, Warrington District Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Peter Lewenz - SWISH
  • Gary Borrows - Save Warrington Libraries
  • Cllr Joan Grimes - Friends of Culcheth Library

Library meetings

The Next Library Partnership Board meeting on the 24 May 2022 (1.30pm and 4.00pm) will be taking place face to face at Central library. If you'd like to attend the virtual meeting, please email Garry D'Arcy to secure a place at the meeting

Be assured that the council continues to work extremely hard with its partners and the community to ensure that vital services continue to be delivered to those who need them.  

Please also see the link below to the UK government website which is being regularly updated with the latest advice and information regarding COVID19

The board may consider a matter in private if is 'confidential and exempt information' as set out in the council’s constitution (Section E, Access to Information - Rule 8).

The board meets at least every two months, more often if needed.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas 

Libraries Partnership Board - Terms of Reference


In 2016, LiveWire, the community interest company (CiC) that runs Warrington’s leisure, library and lifestyle services, consulted on how to modernise the library service.

In response, many people stressed how important the service is to them, and the good it does for our communities and cultural life.

This strength of feeling led to the set-up of a Libraries Working Group to consider residents’ feedback, review the needs of local people, and liaise with community groups.

The group made recommendations to keep all libraries open for the foreseeable future, which was approved by the council's Cabinet in December 2017. After this, the LPB was set up to deliver a new partnership strategy and establish a new set of performance measures.