Access to council meetings for journalists, bloggers and the public

Filming council meetings

The law allows journalists and bloggers to report, blog, tweet and film council meetings in England. The government has published a guide to explain more, including the right for members of the public to film council meetings:

The Council has produced a guide for members of the public and press who may wish to record any Council proceedings. It sets out what can be expected from the Council and members of the public/press with regards to recording meetings in order to ensure that proceedings run smoothly and effectively whilst also maintaining the right for such meetings to be recorded as set out in the above government guide.

Attending public meetings 

The public have the same privileges as accredited journalists in the reporting of proceedings in council meetings. This may be done via the use of online media such as blogs, twitter or hyperlocal news forums for example.

You can view the full legislation: The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012.

The council has produced a simple guide for anyone wishing to exercise this right in our council chamber: Citizen reporting guidelines.

Members of the public are able to submit questions to Council meetings, please refer to the guide on asking a Public Question at a Council Meeting

If you would like to attend a meeting of the council, please read our Guide to Committees for more information.