Council committees and meetings

Committee meetings

Here you can view information about each committee of the council, its composition, its meeting dates and its minutes, agendas and reports:

List of council committees

Important documents

The Forward Plan is a list of key decisions the council intends to take during a four month period.  Key Decisions are executive decisions made by the Executive Board or an officer under delegated powers.

Forward Plan and Key Decisions

Latest meetings

February 2019

  • 4 Feb - Taxi Sub Committee
  • 5 Feb - Org. Improvement and Development
  • 6 Feb - Scrutiny Committee
  • 7 Feb - Audit and Corporate Governance
  • 11 Feb - Executive Board
  • 12 Feb - Supporting the Local Economy
  • 13 Feb - Development Management Committee
  • 19 Feb -  Protecting the Most Vulnerable
  • 25 Feb - Full Council

Committee meetings calendar 2018-19 [pdf]

Committee meetings calendar 2019-20 [pdf]