There are various grants and loans in place to help people with disabilities to be able live independently in their homes.

Disabled Facilities Grant

You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) if you're disabled and you need to make changes to your home to help you live independently.

How much will you get?

It depends on your finances and your circumstances. 

As part of your assessment you'll need to tell us details of your income, savings and assets, plus any benefits you currently claim. You may have to contribute your own money if the amount of DFG you are awarded doesn't cover the total cost of the equipment you need, or you may be eligible for a grant from a charity.

If you can't raise any additional money to pay the outstanding cost of essential equipment, we may be able to help you with a low cost loan or adaptations loan (if you're a homeowner).

In most cases, DFGs awarded to disabled children under 19 years old will be funded up to the grant maximum of £30,000, so you won't need to pay anything from your own pocket.

DFGs can’t be paid for works that have been carried out before grant approval.

The application process

Contact the Adult Social Care First Response Team on 01925 443322 or  

For more information, please read our Service Standards guide:

Low cost loan 

You may be able to receive a low cost loan to £5,000, repayable over a period of up to 60 months. 

You will be assessed to make sure you can afford the repayments. The loan charge is equivalent to 5% of the amount that is borrowed. An administration fee of £100 is needed to set up the loan.

Adaptations loan

If you are required to pay more than £5,000 towards the cost of your equipment, we may offer an adaptations loan to homeowners. 

This is an equity share loan, which means that the council takes a share of the ownership of your property in return for lending you the money. You will need to pay for a property valuation report by an independent chartered surveyor and the loan is repayable on sale or transfer of the lease, or at your own request. 

Relocation loan

If a home is unsuitable for the adaptations you need, we may be able to offer a relocation loan to help you move to a more suitable property, which may or may not need to be adapted.  This is only available to you if you own your own home.

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Contact the Adult Social Care First Response Team on 01925 443322 or