Responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of a property lies firmly with the owner.

There may be circumstances where the homeowner is vulnerable and/or on a low income and is unable to fund the cost of essential repairs.  In this case the council may be able to offer limited financial help called a safe and secure grant to fix dangerous hazards in the home, such as poor wiring, broken boilers or leaking roofs.

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If you require substantial work, we may be able to offer financial help called renewals assistance. This is an interest-free loan of up to £25,000 + fees (up to £35,000 where there are structural problems), secured on the property. Repayment is made when the property is sold or the lease transferred to another owner.

All financial assistance is discretionary and subject to the availability of funding. 

Warrington Home Improvement Agency (WHiA) will assist owners to obtain estimates for the work from reputable contractors and will monitor the work on behalf of the client. The agency charges a fee which can be included as part of the grant or loan.  

The council can also offer help and advice on other housing matters, find out more in our Healthy Homes factsheets:

Most people would prefer not to move from their home when they reach retirement age. If you are planning major renovation works, it would be useful to consider age proofing your home and garden.

4 September 2023