Want to sponsor a roundabout? Advertise your business to thousands of people every day, at a really low cost! 

When you apply you’ll need to tell us:

  • your name and contact details
  • the name of your business
  • which roundabout(s) you want to advertise on
  • how big your sign is – and include a copy of the artwork

    here are usually three or four signs on each roundabout. Some roundabouts are bigger than others so if you want to use a big sign you might only be able to apply for certain roundabouts. Your advert will be up for 365 days per year, 24 hours a day.

    After you apply, we’ll contact you with more information and a price. Don’t put up any posters or signs without our permission – this is called flyposting and it’s untidy and illegal.

    Roundabouts you can advertise on

    We currently have available:

    • Birchwood Park Avenue - Faraday Street
    • Cliff Lane - M6 junction 20, northbound and southbound
    • Knutsford Road - Grappenhall Lane
    • London Road - Longwood Road
    • Longwood Road - Broom Avenue, Rosemoor Gardens, Pewterspear Green Road and Littlecote Gardens
    • Witherwin Avenue - Lumb Brook Road
    • Birchwood Way - Blackbrook Avenue
    • Daten Avenue - Clayton Road
    • M62 junction 11
    • Moran Drive - Santa Rosa Boulevard
    • Poplars Avenue - Capesthorne Road
    • Burtonwood Road - M62 junction 9
    Fairfield and Howley
    • Kingsway North - Farrell Street
    • Blackbrook Avenue - Capesthorne Road and Enfield Park Road
    Grappenhall and Thelwall
    • Broad Lane - Grappenhall Lane
    Great Sankey
    • Omega Boulevard
    Latchford/ town centre
    • Bridgefoot Island
    • Brian Bevan Island
    • Howson Road - Northway
    • Cromwell Avenue - Shackleton Close, Twenty Acre Road, Cavendish Close and Waterways
    • Whittle Avenue - Burtonwood Road, Lingley Green Avenue, Kingsdale Road, Tankersley Grove, Littledale Road and Wensleydale Close
    • Kingsdale Road - Littledale Road and Wensleydale Close
    • Lingley Green Avenue - Kingsdale Road, Barrow Hall Lane, North West Water and Park Road
    • Widnes Road - Doe Green
    • Sankey Way - Penketh Road
    • Stretton Road Island
    • Tarporley Road - M56 junction 10
    • Charon Way - Easter Court and Europa Boulevard
    • Cromwell Avenue - Spike Island, Europa Boulevard, Westbrook Crescent and Westbrook Way
    • Europa Boulevard - Ikea, BP Island and Westbrook Crescent
    • Westbrook Crescent - Kingswood Road, Blackshaw Drive and Garwood Close
    • Westbrook Way - Westbrook Crescent
    • Sankey Green - Lovely Lane
    • A49 Splitter Island - M62 junction 9
    • Newton Road - Winwick Link Road
    • Winwick Link Road - M6 junction 22
    • Woolston Grange Avenue - Chesford Grange and Hardwick Grange
    • Manchester Road - M6 junction 21, northbound and southbound
    Roundabout advertising locations