Changes from Monday 19 July 2021:

  • There is now seating for 80 people in our chapel (maximum number, no standing, seated only)
  • 8-10 people allowed in the entrance foyer of the chapel
  • Mourners can stand outside, however, they will not be able to come through the chapel at the end of the service
  • We recommend face coverings to be worn
  • Hand sanitiser available on entering the chapel 

You can hire the chapel at Walton Lea Crematorium for a funeral service. Services usually take place every 40 minutes, however you can hire the chapel for a further 40 minutes if you’d like to.

What happens at the service

You can personalise the funeral service and decide what you want to include.
Here are some things to think about when you’re planning the funeral:

  • Whether you would like a religious or civil service
  • Who you would like to conduct the service, such as a member of the clergy or another religious official, or a civil celebrant
  • Whether you would like to have the curtains drawn across the coffin, or left open
  • Whether you would like to show pictures on the plasma screen during the service
  • Whether you would like to play any music before, during or after the service
  • Who will be collecting the cremated remains
  • What you would like to do with the cremated remains

Please make sure that you let your funeral director, our crematorium staff and the person conducting the service know about your decisions. We’re all committed to making sure the service reflects your wishes and brings you comfort at such a difficult time.

Showing pictures

If you’d like to show pictures on our plasma screen please fill in one of our consent forms which you can get from your funeral director. The funeral director will return the completed form to us, along with a USB device with the pictures on, by 2pm 48 hours before the service. This means we can make sure the pictures are suitable and prevent any technical issues.

It costs £30 to use our plasma screen.

If you don’t submit your USB device at least 48 hours before, you’ll need to pay £41.

You can find more information and a form on the arranging a funeral page.

Playing music

Walton Lea Crematorium has the ‘Obitus’ system for playing music at funeral services. There is a very wide range of music available, please speak to your Funeral Director as they will book the music online for you.

Alternatively, you can bring your own music, but please let us know 24 hours prior to the service.

Our chapel organ is also available to use, this costs £30.

Live streaming

A funeral service can now be live streamed at a cost of £30. Live streaming plus watch again for up to 28 days is £45, and a keepsake copy (DVD/Blu-Ray/USB stick) is £50 (this does not include live streaming). Your Funeral Director will arrange this for you.


You may like to ask people to donate to a charity or organisation instead of sending flowers. We gratefully accept contributions as a token of remembrance to your loved one, which we use to enhance and improve the crematorium grounds and facilities for everyone.

If you wish to make a donation please contact us. We record the name of your loved one, and each month we display the names of people in whose memory donations have been made.


Costs for a cremation and service

Costs include medical referee fees, an environmental surcharge and hire of the chapel. Costs apply for adults aged 18 years and over. There is no charge for babies and children.

  • Monday to Friday: £834
  • Saturday: £1251
  • Sunday: £1668

Costs for cremation only

Cremations with no service in the chapel take place at 9am.

  • Cremation only: £437

Other costs

  • Hire of the chapel only (40 minutes): £218
  • Double time slot (an extra 40 minutes): £132
  • If the funeral service starts late or over-runs: £51.50
  • If your paperwork is late (the deadline is 10am on the previous working day): £60
  • If you need our help with a self-organised cremation: £165
  • Bearer: £28 (cost per bearer to hire crematorium staff)
  • If you double book the funeral and don’t cancel within 24 hrs: £218
  • If you cancel the funeral without giving five days notice: £218
  • Cremation plot details search: £12
Forms and paperwork

If you’re using a funeral director, they will arrange the cremation for you and deal with all of the paperwork. If you’re arranging the funeral yourself, you must make sure you give all of the paperwork back to us at the crematorium no later than 10am on the working day before the cremation.

You can find out more information on applying for a cremation, including certificates and authorisation forms on .GOV.UK.

The documents we need are available on the arranging a funeral page:

  • The ‘Cremation 1’ or ‘CR1’ form – this is an application for cremation of the body. You must fill this in and sign it the presence of someone who knows you.
  • The Certificate for Cremation or Burial (the green form) – you’ll be given this when you register the death.
  • The ‘Cremation 4’ or ‘CR4’ form – this needs to be filled in by the doctor who certified the death.
  • The ‘Cremation 5’ or ‘CR5’ form – this needs to be filled in by another doctor, who will examine the body to confirm the information given by the doctor in the CR4 form is correct. There is usually a total charge of about £164 for both the CR4 and CR5 forms.
  • Written instructions – write down what kind of service you have chosen, what you would like to include, what you would like to do with the ashes afterwards, and any other information that we need to know.

If the coroner has been involved, we need a Coroners Order for Cremation instead of the green form and the CR4 and CR5 forms.

Strewing, interment and memorials

After the cremation, you will need to decide what you’d like to do with the cremated remains. We can hold them for 28 days after the cremation has taken place, free of charge, after 28 days it will cost £28 per month.

Or you can collect them. We will only give the cremated remains to you, or to someone else if you let us know in writing, in advance. You, or the person you have authorised to collect, must bring proof of identity such as a driving licence or passport.

There are places in our beautiful gardens where we can scatter the ashes, or you can inter the remains in a plot in our Garden of Remembrance. Find out more about strewing and interment at Walton Lea Crematorium.

You may also like to remember your loved one with one of our memorials at Walton Lea.

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