A naming ceremony is a great way to welcome your child into your family, and celebrate with your friends and family.

What happens at the ceremony

You’ll announce the names you’ve chosen.

You’ll make promises of commitment to your child, and you can choose friends or relatives to take part in the ceremony as ‘supporting adults’, who will also pledge a special relationship to your child. You can ask grandparents to take part too.

with One of our registrars will conduct your ceremony. They are trained and do a fantastic job, but they don’t act in a legal capacity - naming ceremonies aren’t legal ceremonies.

Who can have a naming ceremony

  • You can have a ceremony for your child at any age, it’s not just for new babies
  • You can arrange one if you’re a parent or if you have legal guardianship
  • You don’t have to be married

Where you can have the ceremony

You can have your ceremony at Warrington Register Office, at one of our approved venues, or at another venue of your choice – but you’ll need to ask our Superintendent Registrar for approval, so that they can make sure the venue is suitable.

Book your ceremony

For more information, or to book your ceremony please email ceremonies@warrington.gov.uk

You’ll have to pay a non-refundable reservation fee to reserve your date, time and venue.



The reservation fee is £40.

Naming ceremonies in the Ceremony Room at the Register Office:

  • Monday - Friday: £220
  • Saturday: £260

Naming ceremonies at any other approved venue:

  • Monday - Thursday: £250
  • Friday - Saturday: £275
  • Sunday: £305
22 May 2023