Bulky collections are provided on the following terms and conditions

Collections and payment

  1. The collection address must be in Warrington.
  2. Bulky collections are for domestic residential properties only. Commercial items will not be removed and a refund will not be given.
  3. Payment is made before bulky collections can be booked.
  4. Payment methods include:
    • Online or telephone by credit / debit card 
    • At 1 Time Square using a credit / debit / cash
    • Card payments will appear on your bank statement as ‘WBC MV Internet’ followed by the amount paid
  5. If you purchase a service, statutory rights are not affected.
  6. Charges are:
  • Up to 3 items £30.06
  • 4 items £32.39
  • 5 items £37.44

A maximum of 5 items can be booked per collection slot.

Please make sure you add all items you wish to be collected. If you only add 1 item and decide you require another 2 collecting you will need to cancel and rebook. This will mean you will lose your original collection date.


  1. Bulky collections can be cancelled up to 2 working days before the collection is due to take place without any additional charges:
  • you can cancel or change your collection date through your My Warrington online account
  • or by telephoning Contact Warrington
  • You can change the date of your collection up to two working days before your scheduled collection is due to take place (please note we can only offer you an alternative collection on the dates we have availability)


  1. Refunds will be given where cancellations are made no less than two full working days* before a collection.

For example, if your collection day is Wednesday, the cancellation must be made before the close of business on the preceding Friday to receive a refund.  If a cancellation is made after this time, a refund will not be given.

*Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

  1. Refunds are processed within two working days mirroring the original payment method**, for example, a cash refund will be given where the original booking was paid for in cash.

**Cash refunds will be given where the original booking was paid for by cheque.  Please note that refunds will only be given once cheques have cleared.


  1. Items for collection must
  • be placed out for collection in the agreed location, eg driveway / front garden by 7.00am on the collection day
  • be covered to prevent them getting wet
  • be prepared for collection as outlined in the special instructions given at the point of booking, for example
    • fridges / freezers must be empty of food and glass / mirrors must be covered and made safe for collection
    • not be restricted by, for eg parked cars, locked / secured gates
  • left out for collection till 6.00pm.

If instructions are not followed, collections will not be made and no refund will be given.

If any of the terms and conditions are not followed, collections will not be made and no refund will be given.

  1. Collections are made of items listed on our website only.
  2. You are responsible for moving items to the agreed collection point outside your property, eg your driveway, no more than 24 hours before the scheduled collection day. 
    They must:
    • not block pavements or rights of way
    • be easy to collect. 

Preparation for collection is done at your own risk.

  1. Items to be collected from flats / apartments must be left outside the bin store.
  2. Where disability or age restricts the movement of items, customers must arrange the help of family, neighbours or friends.  If this is not possible, the Contractor will decide whether s/he can move the items safely and without damaging property.  The Contractor does not accept liability for damage to property when moving item(s).  A disclaimer must be signed in advance or items being moved from the property. No refund will be given where items cannot be removed.
  3. Contractors
    • will collect from garages if accompanied by the customer
    • will not collect from green houses or sheds.

Residents must confirm items for collection.

  1. Contractors may refuse to collect items if
    • considered hazardous to health, eg if infested or soiled
    • items cannot be lifted, eg a rain-soaked mattress.
  2. Contractors carry identification and will show this on request.  Anyone attempting to access your property without identification or not prepared to show identification, do not represent Warrington Borough Council.  The Council is not liable for any loss / damage while items are removed.

Missed items

  1. Genuine missed collections are rare.  If bulky items are not collected it may be because:
    • payment has not been received for additional items left for collection
    • it is not safe to collect items because they are wet and too heavy to handle, or are contaminated / soiled
    • they have not been left in the agreed place
    • items have been made available after collections have taken place.

We will not make refunds if collections are missed as a result of customer action, including those outlined above.

If we are unable to action any bookings, we will get in touch using the contact details you’ve provided.

1 April 2024