Children's centres

Children’s centres support families with young children, from pregnancy up to age five. They are a one-stop-shop bringing you advice, support and activities in your local community.

Register at your local children's centre

Anyone who cares for a child under five who lives in Warrington (including dads, mums, grandparents, childminders, carers and parents-to-be) can register - It's really easy!  Just call into the centre to complete a form, or contact them and they can post one to you.  You can also ask your midwife or health visitor for a registration form. You need to register at the centre nearest to your home.  

Contact details, timetables and more information about children's centres is available on the My Life Warrington website:

Children's centres offer lots of support to children and families, including:

  • Support from midwives and health visitors - Help with filling out maternity grant forms, classes to that prepare for birth and baby's arrival, antenatal and postnatal health checks, breastfeeding advice and support (NHS), opportunities to meet other parents and carers, help to give up smoking, support in the first few weeks with your new baby, health checks for the whole family, weaning advice, health advice clinics.
  • Support for dads - Whatever your age or circumstances (biological dad, stepdad, grandad or any other father figure or male carer) we offer support through the early years of your child’s development including drop-in sessions, stay-and-play, meet other parents and advice and information.  
  • Support for teenage parents - Understanding child development, behavioural stages and routines, teenage pregnancy midwife, meeting new friends in a warm and welcoming environment, benefits advice, education and career advice, housing advice and childcare information
  • Support for disabled children - Home visiting, special educational needs support, light and sound stimulation, speech and language therapy, communication skills development, advice and support for parents and carers. Access is easy and sessions are open to everyone.
  • Reading, learning, and social, emotional and personal skills - Helping to give your child the best start in life before school, including story time, family reading, speech and language sessions, props and rhymes, indoor and outdoor play, ways to help your child develop confidence and learn how to share.
  • Money and work advice - Help to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to return to work, advice about training, employment and financial benefits, Citizens Advice Bureau, benefits and tax credits advice, Job Centre Plus, childcare advice, debt counselling, housing advice, literacy and numeracy skills, volunteering 
  • Skills for adults - Computer classes, literacy and numeracy, first aid, weight management, parenting support, healthy (and affordable) eating for the whole family, holistic therapy. There's also a creche available where your children can be looked after whilst you attend your course.

View the Children's Centres Strategy 2018-2021 [pdf]