If you’ve successfully applied to become a British citizen, you must contact us to book a citizenship ceremony. You have to do this within three months after you receive the invitation from the Home Office.

We hold group citizenship regularly at Warrington Town Hall, or you can have a private ceremony at Warrington Register Office.

Book your ceremony


There’s no cost to come along to the group ceremony. It’s covered by what you’ve already paid to the Home Office for your citizenship application.

If you’d like to have a private ceremony, it costs £100 per family.

There is no cost for your naturalisation certificate. 

What happens at the ceremony

At your ceremony you’ll swear an oath and an affirmation.

You’ll be presented with your Certificate of Naturalisation, which you need to be able to apply for your British passport.

The Mayor of Warrington comes to the group citizenship ceremonies, and usually makes a welcome speech. You can have your picture taken with the mayor, and we’ll give you a small gift as a memento of your ceremony. The national anthem is also sung.

You can bring one guest with you to the group ceremony. If you have a private ceremony you can bring more guests with you, we’ll let you know how many when you ring us to book.

Becoming a British citizen

We can’t give you any advice or information about how to become a British citizen. You’ll need to contact the UK Visas and Immigration section of the Home Office.