As practitioner working within the Complex Team you will have the opportunity to work with adults predominately aged 18 to 65 who have learning disabilities, mental health conditions and/or physical disabilities in the community. We also work with prison offenders, drugs/alcohol dependency and we lead on international refugee resettlement.

The Complex Team is made up of four geographic areas, South, West, East and Central. Each of these teams is supported by a Team Manager and consists of Advanced Practitioners, Social Workers, Community Care Workers and Carer Support Workers. These teams currently sit together offering a large knowledge, skill base and great opportunity for peer/colleague support.

What we do

The work involves completing assessments, support plans and reviewing packages of care under The Care Act and using a Strengths Based Approach. There is sometimes a requirement to work out of area and/or in the court arena. There is a great emphasis on Integration and we have good links with mental health services and learning disability nursing. We also work closely with the Wellbeing Service.

As a valued member of the team you would be supported with your individual case management through various approaches, including visible and approachable management team, agile working, specific training and development.


Warrington Complex Team caseloads tend to be lower than neighbouring authorities to ensure good quality and support outcomes for service users and staff. Weight is given to the complexity of cases rather than the number of cases held at one time. We also support by using 1st and 2nd allocated workers to share demand and responsibilities of complex and challenging cases.

A day in the life of our staff

Social Worker/Advanced practitioner

As an AP I work with a range of adults of working age, they may be living with mental illness, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, a brain injury and / or substance dependence. The focus of my role is to undertake assessments of needs and arrange for the meeting of these needs, but in doing so, also enable the person to identify their goals and identify how to support them to reach their goals. As an AP it is vital that I understand relevant legislation, such as the Care Act, Mental Health Act, Capacity Act, Children Act etc. and can apply this in practice. This knowledge is drawn on regularly through statutory assessments.

As an AP I have additional responsibilities, specifically AMHP, BIA, Social Supervisor, I am expected to carry a complex caseload, including those progressing through Court of Protection, I also provide case load supervision with colleagues, offer regular peer support and step up to position of Deputy Manager in their absence as well as authorising via Mosaic. As AP my work day can vary, from completing paperwork for the Court of Protection, carrying out an assessments under the Mental Health Act or the Care Act, to supporting a family members whose son had just died.

I participate to my team duty rota as well as AMHP duty rota, whereby I may respond to crises, offer support and advice, this is whilst needing to balance my diary, and offering support and guidance to those client on my caseload.


Social Worker

On a daily basis, as a Social Worker, I have the responsibility of caseload management, prioritising other work relating to open cases. Which include; safeguarding, money orders, transport request. As part of a team I must also be flexible in my working to cover duty and pick up any other emergency duty tasks. I need to ensure prompt and effective answering and returning of phone calls to maintain effective communication and professionalism.