Why have I received a summons?

The summons has been issued because you have not paid the amounts due in accordance with the bills and notices that have been sent to you or your payments have been received late. The total amount shown on the summons (including the costs) is now due and payable.

If the amount due on the Summons, including the costs, is not paid in full before the Hearing date, an application will be made for a Liability Order. This gives the council statutory powers to enforce payment of the debt. These powers include demanding employment/benefit details, using an Enforcement Agent and making an attachment to earnings or benefit.

What should I do next?

  • If you can pay in full visit warrington.gov.uk/pay - Once your payment has cleared no further action will be taken
  • If you are unable to pay in full and would like to set up a payment plan please login or register for an online account by clicking on the green tab above.

How do I make a payment?

  • To pay online visit: warrington.gov.uk/pay
  • Call our automated payment line: 0300 456 0530*
  • By bank transfer: Sort Code 01-09-17  Account Number  03383385

Please quote your Council Tax or Rates account reference number with all payments.

*Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01 and 02 geographical numbers. Calling from this number from a landline or mobile phone will be charged at your normal rate and will not incur an additional cost).

What if I have a pending claim for benefit, a discount or rateable value adjustment?

The fact there is a benefit, discount or rateable value application pending is not considered to be a valid defence because the application may not be successful. However, the Council may consider temporarily suspending action after the Hearing to allow time for a claim to be processed.

Do I have any defence against the issue of a Liability Order?

There are only two valid defences - you are not the person or company liable for the tax/rate, or your instalments have been received by the due dates.  Late payment of instalments and payments received after the expiry of reminder notice is not a valid defence. 

Only if you believe you have a valid defence, contact Customer Services immediately on (01925) 443210. 

The Magistrates cannot make a decision on how the debt is to be paid. By Law, they can only decide whether a Liability Order should be granted or not. If there is no valid defence they should grant the Order.  

Do I need to attend the Court Hearing?

No. While liability order hearings have now resumed at the Court building, Cheshire Magistrates Court now require a separate listing for any customers wishing to dispute the application in person before the Magistrates.  Further information can be found in the letter from Cheshire Magistrates that accompanied the summons.

3 May 2023