If you’re struggling to manage your money, it’s important to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. You aren’t alone, and there are many organisations offering free and independent help and advice.

Managing your income

Money health checks

Spend ten minutes on the Money helper health check, answer a few simple questions, and you’ll get an easy-to-follow, personalised action plan to make the most of your money now, and to plan for the future. It’s free and unbiased.

Minimum and living wage

Make sure your employer is paying you the National Minimum Wage and/or the National Living Wage.


Make sure you are claiming everything you’re entitled to. Use a benefits calculator to double check.

Managing your bills

Rent and mortgage payments

If you can’t pay, speak up as soon as possible. The Citizens Advice website has advice on how to deal with your mortgage lender or landlord.

Energy bills

If you can’t pay your bill, speak to your supplier as soon as possible. There are also some energy grants you may be able to apply for to help make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills.

Council tax discounts

Check if you can get a council tax discount or exemption.

Borrowing money

Credit unions

Credit unions are a great way to help you manage your money. They are non-profit-making, responsible lenders who offer free, confidential services. Services can include savings schemes, affordable loans and accounts to have your wages, benefits, tax credits, etc, paid in to. They’re as safe as any bank or building society.

Loan sharks

Borrowing from an unlicensed lender, or loan shark, can leave you stuck in debt and even put you in physical danger. If you’ve borrowed from one you haven’t broken the law, they have – so please report a loan shark.

Payday loans

‘Payday loans’ are small cash loans, usually under £500, taken over a short time period of time such as 2-3 weeks. There are often extra fees and high interest payments - so even if you borrow a small amount you end up paying a lot back, especially if you miss a payment.

Payday loan websites are blocked in local libraries, leisure, community hubs and Contact Warrington. If you do need to borrow money, speak to your local credit union or search for low interest loans through a bank or building society.

20 May 2024

Debt advice organisations

If you’re worried about debt, these organisations can help:

Warrington Citizens Advice Bureau - free, independent advice about legal and money matters: 01925 246994

National Debtline - free, confidential advice on how to deal with debt: 0808 808 4000

Business Debtline - if your business has cash flow or debt problems: 0800 197 6026

StepChange Debt Advice - free counselling on debt problems, personal budgeting and credit advice: 0800 138 1111

Debt Advice Foundation - free, confidential support if you are worried about loans, credit and debt: 0800 043 40 50

Debt Support Trust - web-based and phone advice, help and support if you’re in debt: 0800 085 0226

Torus Housing money advice - Free and impartial debt advice for tenants: 0800 678 1894

Housingplus - help and advice about housing-related debt, plus foodbank vouchers: 01925 246868