In our Local Transport Plan, we've committed to supporting more residents, visitors, and businesses to make the switch away from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

Indeed, a growing number of people who live and work in Warrington have chosen to switch to Electric or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. In addition, reducing our use of petrol and diesel vehicles can respond to the growing climate emergency, helping to improve air quality in our borough

To support this switch, we've developed a draft Electric Vehicle Strategy, which is available to review below.

Electrical Vehicle Strategy

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Currently, two of the car parks that we operate have chargers for electric vehicles:

  • We have 56 charging points (7 kWh) at our Time Square car park – one of the most extensive collections of points in a single location in the country.  
  • We have another 12 charging points (7 kWh) available at Warrington West station.

In addition to these two car parks, we're working to identify additional suitable locations and funding sources for more electric vehicle chargers in Warrington. If you'd like to use the chargers at Time Square or Warrington West, please be aware that you'll be required to sign up to register with BP Pulse.

Find your local charging points

Did you know that you can locate your local chargers on the ZapMap website?

Charging Your Vehicle At Home

Government offers grants to support the cost of installing an Electric Vehicle charger at residential properties through the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles' Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

However, we understand that residents who don't have off-road parking at their homes can often find charging their vehicles more challenging. Therefore, in the future, you'll see far more on-street chargers available for use in Warrington. In the meantime, we advise residents to use the chargers in Time Square or Warrington West car parks. 

Recently we've had several enquiries about charging vehicles from home using a cable that would run across the public footway to a car parked on the road. Unfortunately, we can't permit this as it would breach the Highways Act 1980, constituting a hazard to other users. 

Workplace Charging 

Financial support from Government is available for businesses looking to install Electric Vehicle chargers at the workplace through the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles' Workplace Charging Scheme