The Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a statutory document. It sets out how transport in Warrington will be maintained and improved over a period of time, usually five years. 

Our LTP includes local transport priorities and it helps to decide where we need to spend money to make transport better. It also includes plans which explain how we’ll do what it says in the LTP.

We collect information from different places to help us create a transport plan - we call this the ‘evidence base’. We also look at issues like the environment, the economy, the history of the area and the needs of local people.

Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4)

Our fourth Local Transport Plan was adopted in December 2019. It sets out our vision to make Warrington a thriving, attractive, and well connected place. Walking and cycling should be made easier, and public transport should be high quality so that more of us will use it. 

LTP4 annual progress report