The voting for the elections for the European Parliament took place Thursday 23 May 2019. Find out more on the North West Votes website or the Electoral Commission.

The results posted here are just the results of the vote in Warrington.

Warrington is in the North West constituency, and the votes below will be added to the votes from the other areas which make up the North West Region. For the full results visit the North West Votes website:

Party or candidate Number of votes in Warrington
Change UK - The Independent Group 1,834
Conservative and Unionist Party 4,634
English Democrats 358
Green Party 6,629
Labour Party 9,534
Liberal Democrats 11,472
The Brexit Party 17,830
UK European Union Party 240
UK Independence Party 2,111
Aslam, Mohmmad 52
Robinson, Tommy 1,162

The turnout was: 35.57%

The number of rejected ballot papers and why:

  • Want of an official mark: 2
  • Voting for more than one registered party or individual candidate: 91
  • Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 6
  • Unmarked or void for uncertainty: 310

The total number of ballot papers rejected: 409

15 May 2023