Coordinating the ongoing flooding recovery response

We are supporting Care UK Charity who are coordinating the ongoing flood response. Care UK Charity are helping to allocate monetary donations received, as well as donations of furniture and other household items and appliances.

Visit the Care UK Charity website to get in touch with the team if you would like to find out more about how to access any donations, if you have been affected by the flooding.

If your property has been affected by flooding

  • Speak to your home insurer about arrangements – your insurers should be able to provide advice, support and guidance about the next steps
  • The National Flood Forum can also offer help and support on 01299 403055.
  • Speak to your landlord if you are a tenant at a rented or social housing property
  • The website also has guidance on how to recover from flooding

Support for those affected by flooding in Warrington

Stay COVID safe

Please be mindful that if you have any coronavirus symptoms, however mild, you should self-isolate and book a test immediately. We are very grateful for our communities coming together and supporting each other through this challenging period.

Tradespeople and volunteers

Warrington Voluntary Action are coordinating volunteers and tradespeople who would like to help as part of the flood recovery. To register your interest in supporting, please email Alice Kelly at

Flooding fraud

Cheshire Police have issued guidance and information about being aware of rogue traders. Sadly, some people may appear to be highly professional but could use aggressive selling techniques or charge high prices for work. Read the full statement on the Cheshire Police website.

Further flooding advice

Visit our flooding advice page for information on how to take preventative flooding steps, such as signing up for flood alerts and creating a flood plan.


General COVID advice

If you are providing support, please stay at least two metres apart and wear a face covering where necessary. If this is not possible try to:

  • Avoid face to face contact with people – sitting or standing side by side will help to reduce risk
  • Whilst talking try to do so quietly and avoid shouting
  • Keep interactions with others brief – the longer you have contact with someone the higher the risk
  • Attempt to limit the number of people you come in to contact with from different households

If lifting something requires more than one person, try and ensure that those same two people ‘buddy up’ and are working together throughout rather than mixing with others.

If possible try not to car share with others from different households or support bubbles.  If this isn’t possible hand sanitiser and face coverings should be used if available and those travelling in the vehicle should be a physically separated as possible.  It is also important to keep the car well ventilated. Try to avoid touching your face.

Inviting someone in to your home

If you have invited someone in to your home try and maintain social distancing, ensure it is well ventilated and use face coverings.

Community facilities/centres or other households

Where possible the guidance on social distancing should be followed: two metres or one metre with risk mitigation:

  • Try to keep different households and support bubbles separate where possible
  • Use face coverings if available
  • Keep rooms well ventilated
  • Ensure adequate handwashing facilities are available
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces and common touchpoints
Providing advice and support

If someone requires some practical advice or support where possible this should be done over the telephone.  It has to be face to face it is imperative that as above Covid measures are complied with including using face coverings, social distancing and continuing to regularly wash your hands

Lateral flow testing

Lateral Flow Tests are for people who aren’t experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus but may be carrying the virus.  It is a self-swab of the throat and nose and provides results within 30 minutes.  There are currently two test sites available.  They are primarily for those who are unable to work from home however those who have been affected by the floods are also eligible for a test.

Your feedback is important

As part of Warrington’s recovery, we have established a short survey for affected residents and businesses, to help gather more evidence to assess and evaluate the town’s flood response.

We have already gathered a large amount of intelligence and data, you are encouraged to also offer your feedback to ensure that the town’s flood response can be assessed with as much information as possible. Complete our short survey via SmartSurvey now.


My property has been flooded – what do I do?

If you have been affected by flooding:

I want to volunteer. Who can I speak to?

Warrington Voluntary Action are coordinate volunteers and tradespeople who would like to help as part of the flood recovery. To register your interest in supporting, please email Alice Kelly at