Garden waste subscriptions are provided on the following terms and conditions

Subscriptions and payment

  1. Subscriptions are annual.

    To subscribe, customers need a personal email address. Help to create an email address can be found

    either on the My Warrington registration page

    or via the Customer Service Advisors (CSAs) in the One Stop Shop.

  2. Once you have paid, it can take 48 hours for your address to be added to our collection schedule.
  3. Payment methods include:
    • Online or telephone by credit / debit card
    • One Stop Shop using a credit card / debit card / cash.
    • Card payments will appear on your bank statement as ‘WBC MV Internet’ followed by the amount paid
  4. Charges per 240 litre bin are:
    • £43 in person or by telephone
    • £39 online
      The price is the same even if you sign up part way through the subscription year.


  1. Collections are between 7 March and 8 December 2023. Collection dates are confirmed on
  1. There are no collections from the 9 December 2023 to early March 2024.
  2. Place your green bin at your normal collection point by 6.30am on your scheduled collection day with the handles facing the road.
  3. We can check your black, blue and green wheeled bins are being used properly at any time.
  4. We won’t empty black or blue bins containing garden waste. We’ll put a sticker on your bin telling you why we’ve not emptied it. Please remove the problem items and present your bin on the next scheduled collection day.
  5. We won’t empty bins if
    • they’re too heavy and unsafe to move
    • the lid is not fully closed.
  6. When you subscribe, we’ll send you a sticker in the post. The sticker can take up to 14 days to arrive. Please attach the sticker under the handles at the back of the bin.
  7. We’ll make every effort to collect bins throughout the subscription period. Circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from collecting your bins, such as severe weather or blocked access.
  8. Genuine missed collections are rare. Your green bin might not be emptied if:
    • it contains unacceptable items
    • it’s too heavy and unsafe to move
    • if it is presented for collection after the crew have already collected the bins on your road.
      We will not give a refund for missing a collection or being unable to collect a bin.
  9. If we’ve failed to collect your green bin, we’ll put it right as soon as possible.
  10. Green bins at your property are for
    • the use of residents at your property
    • garden waste produced at your property.
  1. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we won’t refund unless you cancel within seven days of the date you subscribed. After this seven day period, refunds will not be given.
  2. If you move house part way through the subscription year, you can transfer the subscription
    • to your new home if it’s in Warrington
    • online seven days after you subscribed.
      Do not take your green bin(s) to your new property when you move.
  3. Refunds cannot be issued if you move
    • out of the Warrington area
    • to a new property and need fewer bins than you’ve subscribed for at your previous address.
  4. To find out how we handle your information, read Warrington Borough Council’s privacy notice.