The Market Position Statement is a five-year strategy and provides information for care providers to inform business and service development plans. 

We want providers operating in and around Warrington to have a clear view on our aims, ambitions, commitment to partnership working and our joint challenges and opportunities.

This market position statement outlines what the care and support market is like currently in Warrington and how well it meets current needs. It also outlines how the care market may need to develop to meet future anticipated need or demand. It also sets out where there are current, or anticipated, gaps in supply. Whilst the information in our statement is often presented with general references to ‘populations’ and ‘groups’ we recognise that every person that currently uses services, or may do so in the future, will have very personal expectations, needs and requirements.

When you have reviewed the statement, we would be interested in hearing from you so that we can get your views on the statement. For example, telling us what market information you need would be especially useful so that we can ensure future statements meet your needs.