Our Vision

Warrington Borough Council’s vision is to ensure our residents live healthy, happy, and independent lives and the services the team commissions align to that vision.

Warrington Together’s vision is to ensure Warrington is a place where we work together to create stronger neighbourhoods, healthier people, and greater equality across our communities.

Our vision for adult social care in Warrington is to ensure we work together with people to support them to live well. We want to encourage and enable people, their families, and carers to stay well and live independently for as long as possible.

When support is needed, our aim will be to identify approaches that build upon strengths so that people can take control, arrange, and influence their own support and or care.

To deliver the best outcomes and value for investment, we will work closely with all partners and are committed to a more integrated and place-based approach to commissioning.

A copy of our strategies and plans can be found here:

Commissioning and Contracts Team

Warrington has an all-age Commissioning and Contract Team with three distinct categories:

  • Children’s Services
  • Working Age Service including Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Autism and Physical Disabilities
  • Older People’s Services

The Commissioning and Contracts Team is responsible for commissioning and procurement of social care services for both adults and children, you can contact us

Adults Contracts and Commissioning:

The Care Act 2014 places duties on local authorities to facilitate and shape their local market for adult care and support as a whole, so that it meets the needs of all people in their area who need care and support, whether arranged or funded by the state, by the individual themselves, or in other ways.

Our responsibility is to support our statutory duties whilst also working innovatively to deliver a diverse and sustainable market to provide high quality care and support in Warrington. We commission a wide range of services:

Working Age:

  • Range of information, advice and support services with the aim to prevent and delay the requirement of statutory care.
  • Day Opportunities/Lifelong Learning - a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is in place until October 2031, if you are interested in joining the DPS please contact us.
  • Shared Lives.
  • Supported Accommodation – a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is in place until October 2031, if you are interested in joining the DPS please contact us.
  • 24 hours specialist Residential and Nursing Care including respite
  • A range of accommodation and ‘floating support’ services for individuals at risk of Homelessness, Rough Sleeping or at risk of Domestic Abuse

Older People:

  • Range of information, advice and support services with the aim to prevent and delay the requirement of statutory care.
  • Day Services.
  • Direct Payments.
  • Extra Care Services – accommodation with care and support services.
  • Intermediate Care Services.
  • Care at home/Domiciliary Care Services – a closed Framework Agreement is in place until February 2026 with the option to extend for a further 2 x 2 years to February 2030, if there is a business need for further service providers to meet demand these will be advertised via The Chest
  • 24 hour Residential and Nursing Care including respite and short breaks – a Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is in place until January 2030, if you are opening a new care home in Warrington and wish to join the DPS please contact us.

Our Market Position Statement is a five-year strategy and provides information for care providers to inform business and service development plans.  We want providers operating in and around Warrington to have a clear view on our aims, ambitions and commitments to partnership working and our joint challenges and opportunities.

Our Housing Position Statement (HPS), reviewed and produced annually, provides information and context in relation to the future requirement and development of supported housing in Warrington.  The HPS is intended to assist developers, housing providers and care/support providers in working with the Council to identify service gaps, plan and deliver supported housing to meet identified need in relation to supported housing.

Children’s Contracts and Commissioning:

The fundamental role for the Childrens Commissioning Team is to find care and support for children that will meet their need locally and keep them safe. Commonly this will be through our in-house fostering services, residential care home provision, supported accommodation or other in borough support.

Externally commissioned placements are those delivered by predominantly Ofsted registered independent providers for fostering, residential care and specialist providers for supported accommodation, which may include CQC registered provisions. The Children’s Commissioning Team core functions include:

  • Placement finding and matching.
  • Quality Assurance and monitoring.
  • Working in partnership with service providers to develop market capacity, service availability and quality to better meet need.
  • Contract procurement, implementation and management of other commissioned services linked to children in care:
    • Advocacy and Independent Visitor service.
    • Management visits to local children’s homes (Reg 44 Visits).
    • Missing from Care service.
    • Short Breaks/Respite/Outreach and Holiday club for Children and Young People with additional needs.
    • Education, Employment and Training (EET), mentoring, emotional and mental health wellbeing services and therapeutic interventions for children in care.

Doing Business with us

Warrington advertises all quotations and tender opportunities on The Chest – an electronic procurement portal. 

  • You can register on The Chest for free. 
  • Our Contracts Register is also be located on The Chest.
  • Further information regarding opportunities to tender can be found here.
  • New Supported Accommodation and Service Development checklist– This checklist is for providers to complete and return to us for any proposals for new support living accommodation within Warrington. It seeks to establish a clear understanding of how Warrington Borough Council would approve such provision, and ensure the provider is fully supported through the proposal stages. A summary of key stages is included at the end of the checklist.

Our Support to Providers

We have several provider forums, some of which take place quarterly where you can meet with the Council and discuss any issues:

  • Care at Home (Domiciliary Care)
  • Older People Residential and Nursing Care
  • Extra Care and Prevention
  • Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Supported Accommodation
  • Homelessness
  • LD Day Opportunities
  • Children’s Placements North West

If you want to find out more or to request an invite to a forum, please contact us.

  • There is an established Health and Social Care Academy in Warrington.  The HSCA will support collaborative working with partners in health, adults, and children’s social care.
  • Warrington’s Training Hub offers industry accredited training courses and can also tailor training to suit your individual business needs.
  • The My Life Warrington directory is full of help, advice and events in Warrington from early years to activities and support for adults and our Local Officer.  The website is designed to enable people to browse, search and find local services.  Service providers can promote their service on to the My Life Warrington directory by adding their service here.

The Contracts and Commissioning Team also offer meetings on a one-to-one basis, if required please contact us.

Adult Social Care Fair Cost of Care

The government white paper, People at the Heart of Care set out an ambitious 10 year vision for how support and care in England will be transformed. 

The vision has three main objectives:

  1. People have choice, control and support to live independent lives.
  2. People can access outstanding quality and tailored care and support.
  3. People find adult social care fair and accessible.

As part of the reform, local authorities in England were required to complete a fair cost of care exercise to identify the local cost of providing sustainable and good quality care. This is to ensure that access to adult social care is fair and accessible.

Further information can be here, including copies of Warrington’s Fair Cost of Care Reports and Market Sustainability plan.

Contact Us

To contact the Commissioning and Contracts Team please email us at: conandcom@warrington.gov.uk

5 April 2024