Reset your password

Resetting your password on your My Warrington account is very straight forward. Follow these simple steps to reset your password to start using your account:

My Warrington is free, secure and easy to use. You can report a problem, change your address details or order a bin 24 hours a day, at a time that suits you, with no need to wait.

My Warrington

Step 1

You'll need to visit My Warrington and click 'Sign In'. Beneath the submit/register buttons, please click the 'Forgotten your password' link.

Sign in - password reset

Step 2

You must use the email address that you've registered your account to. If you've changed your email address you'll need to create a new account.

Reset my password

Step 3

Once you've entered your email address, you'll see a message pop up saying an email has been sent to that address. You now need to go to your email and look for the message we've just sent you.


Can't find the email?

Please check your junk or spam folders to see if it's there. If you can't find the email, contact us and let us know.

Email sent - password reset

Step 4

After opening the email we've sent you and clicking on the link, you'll be taken to the My Warrington website to reset your password.

Resetting your password

Your new password needs to be at least 9 characters long and have at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

Use letters you can remember

Make sure you use a combination of letters and numbers you can remember  - A2bnotA2z

Use a phrase

You could use the first letters of a phrase eg. "I'm not very good at remembering passwords for websites" which would be Invgarpfw. You could use a line from a film or a song as long as there is 9 characters or more. We just need to make sure we have a mixture of letters and numbers so we get the password - Invg4rPfw

Pick memorable words

You could pick some words you would remember and change some letters to numbers. eg. Daisy Rabbit could make the password D41syR4bb1t.

Please don't use passwords that would be easy to guess such as family names or dates of birth.


When you're happy with your new password, click the submit button under the confirm password field.

Password reset - example email

Example of the email we send you

Setting your password

Resetting your password

Step 5

Once you've reset your password, you'll be taken straight to your account where you can continue to report a problem, change your address details or order a bin 24 hours a day, at a time that suits you, with no need to wait.

Logging into your account
25 January 2021