Online payments unavailable

Due to essential maintenance our online payment system will be unavailable this weekend. Payments can be made using our telephone payment service by calling 0300 456 0530

Online forms: New or replacement wheelie bin

If your bin is lost, damaged or stolen you can request a new one using this form. You can also use this form to order wheelie bins if you have just moved into a new build property.

Your new bin(s) will be delivered as soon as possible but in periods of high demand this may take several weeks. If this is the case and you're waiting for a black bin, we will arrange to collect three sacks of non-recyclable waste on your collection day until your black bin arrives. Please note that the waste team will not collect any sacks unless we have agreed this with you first. Recyclable and garden waste should be taken to one of our community recycling centres until your blue and/or green bin arrives.

Additional blue bins

You can also use this form to order a second blue bin if you produce large amounts of recyclable waste.

Additional green bins

There's now a subscription charge for this service. If you want to subscribe or order additional/replacement bins please use the green bin subscription form.

Additional black bins

Please don’t use this form to order an extra black bin. If you have a large family or produce large amounts of non-recyclable waste, you can apply for a second black bin using the second black bin application form [pdf]. To receive a second black bin you MUST be recycling fully and the team may need to visit you for a waste audit.

Trade waste

Please don’t use this form to order bins for trade waste collection. Visit the trade waste section.

Developer bin orders

If you're a developer you'll need to make sure you order bins for the properties your building as all developers are subject to a charge for the provision of black, blue and green bins for new properties in Warrington. Please use our developer bin order form.

To order a bin you will need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • which colour bin(s) you need
  • why you need new/extra bin(s)
  • if you have moved home / moved into a new build property, and the date you moved