Photo of a plant growing in some soil, followed by a graphic of the earth. Text: Climate Emergency Group launches Warrington-wide consultation to shape local action

In the wake of the UN’s climate conference in Glasgow, Warrington’s Climate Emergency Commission has launched a consultation to help shape a borough-wide strategy to encourage and guide action by people and organisations locally.

The Commission is an independent group set up to advise the council on meeting its own climate emergency commitments. Crucially, it’s also tasked with leading the wider public conversation in recognition that we all have a role to help to tackle the climate emergency.  The group is comprised of a number of climate advisors from different organisations, groups and communities in Warrington. This includes business, youth, environment and community representatives.

In order to help shape borough-wide plans, informed by public feedback, the commission has launched a discussion paper which sets out the current position and the challenges we face. The paper discusses some of the local changes we may need to see to be in line with international agreements and national policies, including becoming more energy efficient, moving away from fossil fuels for heat, power and transport, changing our diets and eliminating waste.

You can read the full position paper on the Climate Emergency Commission webpage, where a short survey is also available to offer feedback. The survey is open until 24 December 2021.

Cllr David Ellis, chair of Warrington’s Climate Emergency Commission, said: “The paper is a starting point for a much wider discussion that we need to urgently have in Warrington. The outcomes of the COP26 conference were mixed and for us to realistically tackle the climate emergency in our borough and beyond, we all need to give greater thought to the individual and collective actions we must take and join up our efforts where possible so we can have an impact bigger than the sum of the parts.

“The position paper that we are sharing sets out our recommendations and expectations for how the borough may need to change, acknowledging what opportunities we have available and, importantly, what challenges or threats we also face.

“We all have a potential role, so it’s important that we invite input from local people, groups and businesses. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas for how we can tackle the climate emergency, together.”

Cllr Hitesh Patel, cabinet member for environment, said: “Warrington’s climate emergency commission was established in acknowledgement that the climate crisis is a bigger-than-council issue. It’s therefore very important that people have their say on the commission’s thoughts, to help shape wider plans for our entire borough.

“The commission is supported by the council, but importantly has its own distinct voice.  Through the commission we can build a better picture of existing climate action in the borough and use this to encourage further action, ensuring that best practice and learning is shared as far and wide as possible.

“I will be taking part in the consultation on the commission’s latest discussion paper and I hope you are able to share your thoughts and ideas, too.”