Yellow graphic with text which says: Lets Go Zero campaign

The council has pledged its support for the Let’s Go Zero campaign which works with schools to help them progress towards zero carbon emissions by 2030.

There are currently 1,641 schools across the UK that are part of the initiative and are committed to take action. Four Warrington schools have already signed up.

The Let’s Go Zero campaign, which was launched at the national Youth Climate Summit, aims to put climate action at the heart of everyday school life, by creating learning opportunities which will equip young people for green jobs and opportunities in the future.

From schemes reducing air pollution outside the school gates and encouraging active travel to and from school, to implementing delicious plant-based menus, there are loads of ways for schools to show how straightforward and rewarding climate action can be.

There are also a number of tools available to staff, students and parents to help drive progress, including a Climate Action Planner which helps schools identify and prioritise actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

The council already has an ambition to eliminate its own climate damaging emissions by 2030. The council hopes to encourage as many schools in Warrington to sign up to work towards eliminating emissions by this date too.

Cllr Janet Henshaw, cabinet member for sustainability and climate change, said: “We know that climate change action is needed now more than ever, and the priority is to reduce our combined footprint, including that of our schools.

“This is no doubt a big challenge for schools, but it is also an opportunity to get students who are already passionate about the environment involved and engaged in these key issues that will affect their futures for decades to come.

“Schools signing up to the Let’s Go Zero scheme will be making a great start on the action that is needed, as well as helping with the wider local climate effort”. 

The Let’s Go Zero campaign is highlighted in the new Climate Emergency strategy for Warrington, developed by the Warrington Climate Emergency Commission, an independent advisory body established by the council.

Dr David Ellis, Chair of the Commission, said: “To do what needs to be done requires action from all quarters including schools. Supporting Let’s Go Zero is a great way for schools to begin to translate concern into action.” 

“The new climate strategy sets out the current opportunities and challenges faced locally in the context of climate action and identifies priority areas where interventions are needed. It encourages those who support it to develop action plans in response and signposts some of the help available.”

Schools are able to take action and become part of the Let’s Go Zero campaign at

To find out more about the Climate Emergency in Warrington, visit:

16 August 2023