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Warrington Borough Council is working in a number of locations across the town to ensure that bins are taken in by residents after collection.

It’s part of plans to improve the cleanliness and appearance of communities by reducing the amount of waste dumped on our streets, in our back alleys and at bin collection points. One cause of this problem is when domestic bins are left out between collections. They can attract fly-tipping and vermin, be contaminated or vandalised. There are also issues with bin fires or other anti-social behaviour, and bins are at more risk of being stolen. These issues can put additional pressure on the council, police and Fire Service.

By numbering your bin, putting the right things in it and not leaving side waste, people can help to make a real difference. We are focusing on certain areas by engaging with residents. Where bins continue to remain out, a hand delivered letter, bin policy notice and/or stickers will be used to advise residents what they need to do. Any bins that are still left out will have an ‘abandoned bin’ sticker put on them. Following this, these bins will be classed as abandoned and we will remove them.

If you receive a letter or your bin is stickered as an ‘abandoned bin’ then please take it in immediately. If your bin has been taken away then you’ll need to order a replacement which will cost £25 warrington.gov.uk/newbin.


Our bin policy says:

  • Place your wheeled bin out on your normal collection day, but not before 5pm the day before.
  • All rubbish must be inside the correct wheeled bin with lid closed. No side waste will be collected.
  • Don’t leave your wheeled bin in a position that will block the way for others.
  • Return your wheeled bin to your property as soon as possible and no later than the end of your collection day.
  • Glass, plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard must be placed loosely in the correct recycling wheeled bin provided for this purpose, for collection
  • Label your bins with your house number.

Cllr Hitesh Patel, Cabinet Member for environment, housing & public protection, said: “We all want cleaner streets. It’s important that everyone does what they can to dispose of their waste responsibly. Fly tipped waste and abandoned bins detract from the look of the places where we live, attracting vermin and anti-social behaviour. They can also act as a magnet for even more waste being dumped, resulting in a vicious cycle of fly tipping.

“It’s important that the actions of a few irresponsible people do not undermine everyone’s efforts to keep our neighbourhoods clean. We would ask people to continue to do their bit by disposing of their waste responsibly and by reporting people who dispose of waste illegally.”

Issues can be reported to warrington.gov.uk/report

For more visit - bins, waste and recycling.

16 August 2023