Green Bin

Warrington’s green waste subscriptions for 2022 will be launched on Monday 13 December, allowing people to buy their licences to have their garden waste collected by the council.

For 2022, the licences will cost slightly more, with a one pound annual rise. They will now be £41 if bought at Contact Warrington or over the phone or £37 online. The face-to-face and telephone options are more expensive, due to the higher costs of operating and staffing these channels.

If you are a resident who wishes to benefit from the online saving, but are unable to use the internet and can’t access help from friends and family, you can get support to subscribe online and free internet access at The Gateway on Sankey Street, at Contact Warrington in the town centre or at any of Warrington’s community libraries.

You will need to buy a new licence in order to benefit from the first round of collections in March. The service runs until December.

You can pay for more than one green bin registered to your property. If you don’t want a green bin, you can compost your garden waste or take it to one of our community recycling centres.

Warrington Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for environment, housing and public protection, Cllr Hitesh Patel, said: “Our collection service is very popular in Warrington and helps us recycle thousands of tonnes of garden waste every year. I hope that residents across the borough will once again choose to use our service in 2022.

“This year’s subscription will cost residents £1 more. While we always seek to keep charges down, a year-on-year increase in our operating costs means that, unfortunately, this small increase is necessary.

“Green waste collection isn’t a statutory service, so we have to charge for it so we can continue to provide the service in the face of significant budget pressures. I believe that it is a valuable service which makes a real difference, allowing all of us to do our bit to recycle right, reduce our carbon footprint and tackle the climate emergency."

To order your green waste licence, or for more information about the garden waste service, and for full terms and conditions, visit