Warrington's Own Buses bus

Warrington’s latest bus improvements are under way from Saturday 1 July, with continued low fares capped at £2 for a single adult journey and the introduction of capped £1 single fares for young people aged 5-18.


Since 2022, the council has been working to transform bus services and continue to increase passenger numbers by reducing fares and improving timetables using funding from the Department for Transport.

Our bus transformation journey continues from July, when we will continue to improve bus services in Warrington as part of our Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).

Following our success in getting people to use the bus more and increasing passenger numbers since the Super Summer Service and Better By Bus schemes were introduced, reduced £2 single fares for adults will continue. Free concessionary travel throughout the day, including before 9.30am, will also continue on all routes.

For the first time, single bus fares for children and young people up to the age 18 will be reduced to just £1 in Warrington. This will mean child fares will be available for all 16-18 year olds, as well as those aged under 16. Simply bring proof of your age and travel at any time of day for £1.

Warrington is one of a few local authorities that are keeping the £2 single fare at a fixed price beyond October, as well as expanding the offer to include £1 children’s single fares for under 19s, with funding in place to continue this benefit until the end of March 2025.

This will mean that a family of two adults and two children will be able to travel inside the Warrington borough for just £6 one way, meaning families can explore for low prices throughout the summer holidays and beyond.

If you travel across the Warrington borough boundary, the maximum single bus fare will be £2, no matter what your age. You will also need to tell the bus driver where you are travelling to if you are on a bus route that goes across the borough boundary, to make sure that you buy the right ticket.

Using government funding to improve services, an enhanced partnership is now in place made up of the council and all local bus operators, will mean that the council can continue to invest in bus service improvements coming over the next few months, with enhancements such as the 329 St Helens service being extended into the evenings earlier this year and the Super Summer Service introduced last summer which increased all evening bus service frequencies in Warrington.

In 2024, bus passengers will also be able to look forward to an entire fleet of brand new high quality, accessible electric buses coming into service, which will give Warrington one of the largest all-electric bus fleets in the country, with all Warrington’s Own Buses’ services being operated using electric buses from its new all electric depot on Dallam Lane.

Cllr Hans Mundry, cabinet member for highways and transportation said: “We know how important our bus services are, not only to help people get around but to also reduce the damage to our environment.

“It’s been fantastic to see passenger numbers increase this year, and I’m therefore pleased that we are continuing to build on the improvements to our bus services to ensure they are an attractive option and fit for the future.

“We’re constantly improving our services, and the fact that we are able to continue our capped fares for adults while also introducing a more affordable offer for children and young people, really proves that there’s no better or easier time to get on the bus.”

To find out more about the Better By Bus scheme, visit: warrington.gov.uk/better-by-bus

4 September 2023