Private hire and hackney carriage

We're responsible for the licensing of all Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles in Warrington.

There are specific requirements and a detailed specification for both Private Hire and Hackney Carriages vehicles which can be found in our Taxi Licensing Policy

Additional information for each is detailed below, with details of wheelchair accessible taxis maintained separately from the Policy.

Private hire vehicles

Private hire vehicles are licensed solely for pre-booked work and must be booked through a licensed private hire operator. A private hire must be pre-booked and can't be hailed in the street. 

Licensed Private Hire vehicles can be identified by the mainly royal blue identification plate, secured to the front and rear of the vehicle. This plate must bear appropriate door signs on the front doors of the car in addition to the pre-booking only signage

Private hire vehicles are licensed for 12 months.

Hackney carriage vehicles

Hackney Carriages can be hailed in the street, hired from a rank and can be pre-booked.

Licenced Hackney Carriages can be identified by the mainly white identification plate, secured to the front and rear of the vehicle. An illuminated sign on the vehicle is activated when available for hire.

Hackney Carriages are licensed for 12 months.

Application process

Please ensure that you complete the application forms correctly and make sure the form is signed. Without a signature, your form will be rejected.  

Submit all forms electronically to at least three weeks before the expiry date.

Postal service

It's also important that we have your correct address, mobile and email address. this information is crucial to the operation of this new service. Like most delivery services, you'll receive a text to let you know that your vehicle plate and other items have been dispatched. 

Supporting documents

Make sure you provide your supporting documents (insurance and V5 logbook). Submitting the correct documents will enable us to process your application quickly. Please do not post any documents to the licensing section.

If the application to renew is in order, a member of our team will contact you for payment.

You're advised to avoid posting essential documents. Instead, you must scan and email them to

If the form is in order, our team will contact you for payment.

Please note that licences can't be extended. If you wish to continue using the vehicle, you must pay the required fee together with the appropriate documentation before the expiry of the licence. You must also ensure that your vehicle is booked in with Warrington Own Buses for its six-month test when it's due.