Please take note of the following for taxi licences:

  • Your driver’s licence is normally valid for 3 years.
  • You'll be required to renew your licence a month in advance before it expires and 8 weeks in advance if your DBS check is due.
  • We’ll remind you that your licence is due for renewal, however it remains your responsibility to ensure you renew your licence.
  • A DVLA check is required annually.
  • A DBS check every 3 years and Medical Examination will be required every 5 years if you’re 45 years and over.
  • If you allow your licence to expire you must take the knowledge test again.
  • The taxi licence fees are reviewed annually.


Please include the following with the relevant renewal application form:

  • current driving licence
  • fully completed medical report
  • three forms of ID
  • full payment of the appropriate fee

Changes to the licence

You must notify us of any change in circumstances such as:

  • change of address
  • name change
  • any new convictions, cautions or driving offences
  • any allegations of a safeguarding nature
  • binding over orders
  • harassment notices
  • offences you've been charged with
  • notifiable DVLA medical conditions