We empty litter bins on highway and in parks throughout the year to help keep the environment clean.

  • All litter bins are emptied on a variety of schedules
  • The majority of litter bins are emptied once a week
  • The town centre litter bins are emptied and inspected daily
  • Play area litter bins are emptied twice a week

To report a bin that is overflowing and needs emptying and/or damaged please use the online form and tell us:

  • The location of the litter bin
  • What damage has occurred including, fire damage, vandalism, liquids i.e: paint

Litter and dumped rubbish

Please don’t use this form to report dropped litter such as cigarette butts, crisp packets, tin cans, chocolate wrappers, newspapers and fast food cartons – or to report dumped rubbish or fly-tipping like bin bags, sofas or furniture. You can do that by using this form:

How you can help keep your streets clean

  • Put your litter and chewing gum in the bin – don’t litter, it’s a criminal offence
  • Take your household rubbish and recycling to a community recycling centre
  • Get a trade waste contract for your business 
  • Clean up after your dog 
  • Don’t put up posters – this is called fly-posting, it's untidy and illegal 
  • Don’t park where you want us to clean!