Overflowing bin with litter around it

We empty litter bins on highways and in parks throughout the year to help keep the environment clean.

  • All litter bins are emptied on a variety of schedules
  • The majority of litter bins are emptied once a week
  • The town centre litter bins are emptied and inspected daily
  • Play area litter bins are emptied twice a week

How you can help keep your streets clean

  • Put your litter and chewing gum in the bin – don’t litter, it’s a criminal offence
  • Take your household rubbish and recycling to a community recycling centre
  • Get a trade waste contract for your business 
  • Clean up after your dog 
  • Don’t put up posters – this is called fly-posting, it's untidy and illegal 
  • Don’t park where you want us to clean!

Fly-tipping or littering?

Could the rubbish you've seen be fly-tipping or littering?


Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of larger 'rubbish' items - from a single bin bag to a sofa or any other large bulky item.


Small items such as cigarette butts, crisp packets, tin cans, broken glass, chocolate wrappers, newspapers, fast food cartons etc.

Reporting an overflowing or damaged bin

When you report an overflowing bin that needs emptying or is damaged please tell us:

  • The location of the litter bin
  • What damage has occurred including, fire damage, vandalism, liquids eg. paint