There are places in our beautiful gardens at Walton Lea Crematorium where we can scatter the ashes of your loved one. This can take place any time after cremation, and can be done even if the cremation didn’t take place at Walton Lea.

To ensure that we maintain a pleasant environment for all of our visitors, please observe the following regulations when visiting and placing tributes:

  • Only cut flowers (without any wrappings) are permitted in the grounds of the crematorium
  • Flowers may be placed on the grass in the garden of remembrance and scattering areas
  • No item may be placed on or attached to any tree in the gardens

No other items are permitted in the scattering areas, including pots, glass, metal and ceramic tributes

If you would like to arrange a strewing, please let us know.

We have two scattering areas, the seasonal meadows and the woodland walk. 

We would appreciate your support with the removal of permanent items from strewing areas. These are natural areas, no permanent memorials, flower tubes etc are permitted. In the event you are unable to do so, Bereavement Services will remove items on your behalf.

An area is provided at the main carpark for the placement of flowers.

Seasonal meadows

Starting in 2021 a greener approach is now being applied to the meadow areas.  By stopping the use of herbicides we are hoping to increase the biodiversity of insect life which in turn will benefit the local bird population.  Instead of sowing annual seeds each year we are introducing more perennial wildflowers and various grass seeds to achieve a more desired ‘meadow look’ with a longer flowering period.  This new way of working will ensure that even in the winter months the ground will have grass cover, eliminating the barren look from previous years. As with any transitional period however it will take time for the wildflowers to establish.

Seasonal Meadow
Woodland walk

The woodland walk has a soft gravel pathway, with bluebells and wild flowers and a natural pond to one side. It’s a beautiful, natural, environmentally-friendly area and so we don’t maintain it regularly.

Woodland walk

The costs for strewing can be found on the funeral costs page.

The costs for strewing in the Sweet Dreams Baby Garden are different, find out more about our beautiful baby gardens.


After the strewing, you may wish to commemorate your loved one with a memorial, such as a plaque, vase, bench or an entry in the Book of Remembrance. Find out more about memorials at Walton Lea Crematorium.


Instead of strewing, you may prefer to inter the ashes in a plot in our Garden of Remembrance, or in one of our vaults. Find out more about interment at Walton Lea Crematorium.

Email or call 01925 267731

5 June 2024