You may wish to commemorate a loved one with a memorial at Walton Lea Crematorium.

Many people choose a memorial here because the cremation took place at Walton Lea, or because the ashes were scattered or interred within our grounds. But it doesn’t matter if not, anyone can dedicate a memorial to someone they have lost.

There’s no rush to decide, you can dedicate a memorial at any time. We’ve listed the memorials available here, but you can also visit us in person where we’d be more than happy to explain further and show you the different options.

Call into our office at the crematorium Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.30pm and Friday 9am to 4pm, or make an appointment to use our private memorial consultation room on a Saturday or Sunday.

All costs include VAT.

Book of Remembrance (book of memory)

The Book of Remembrance provides a lasting memorial, and is displayed in a glass cabinet in the Book of Remembrance room. There is a page in the book for each day of the year – we turn the page daily. You can decide which date the entry will appear (usually the date of death), and then you’ll be able to visit and view your loved one’s epitaph on that day every year.

The Book of Memory room is open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm.

Or you can view the digital version at any time using our touch screens in the crematorium office (you’ll need a viewing card), or online: Search the Book of Remembrance.

Costs for the book of remembrance can be found on the funeral costs page.

Book of Remembrance
Remebrance room

Memory books - blue leather miniature

Memory books (blue leather miniature) can be found on the funeral costs page.

Memorial cards

You can also order a copy of the inscription, called a memorial card, as a keepsake or to send to family or friends. The cost for each card depends on the type of inscription, costs can be found on the funeral costs page.

Vases and flowers

Place flowers in the vases near to the Book of Remembrance room. 

Memory Tree

The Memory Tree is a new memorial situated on the wall inside the Book of Remembrance room.  The gold, silver and bronze leaves can be inscribed with up to 3 lines in black lettering and can be leased for 1, 3 or 5 years.  Costs for the Memory Tree can be found on the funeral costs page.

Memory Tree
Leather memorial panels

In the Book of Remembrance room, 10”x2” memorial panels can be leased for five or ten years. They are blue leather with gold leaf lettering, in a wooden frame. The panel can display the name of your loved one and up to two additional lines of text. You can view the panel at any time during crematorium opening hours.

Costs for the book of remembrance can be found on the funeral costs page.

Leather Panel
Memorial vases

Memorial vases can be placed within the Memorial Garden. They are made from natural York stone or granite and have a silver flower vase for cut flowers. They also have a plaque bearing your choice of epitaph to your loved one.

Individual or family memorial vases

Including a plaque and inscription, costs can be found on the funeral costs page.

memorial vases
Granite book memorial

At the entrance to the Garden of Remembrance is an open-book-shaped memorial with black granite plaques set within the book. Each plaque is 4” x 3” and you can choose up to five lines of gold enamel lettering.

Costs for the granite book can be found on the funeral costs page.

Granite Book Plaque
Memorial wall plaques

The memorial plaques are attached to the brick wall in the Garden of Contemplation and are available in two sizes. You can choose an epitaph to your loved one you can also include photos or other designs – either from our catalogue, or we can work with you to design something unique.

Costs for the memorial wall plaques can be found on the funeral costs page.

Wall plaque
Garden block vase

We have garden block vases available in the Garden of Contemplation. Each vase has a plaque with your choice of epitaph, and a silver posy vase for cut flowers.

Costs for the garden block vase can be found on the funeral costs page.

Garden block vase
Memorial benches


You can sponsor a memorial bench, which we’ll place in a designated position within the crematorium grounds. You could choose to include a carved epitaph on the backrest.

Our benches are made of eco-friendly, maintenance-free 100% recycled plastic.

Benches are dedicated to your loved one and are a lovely place for you to sit and reflect, but please remember that other visitors may also sit on the bench. There is sometimes a waiting list for a memorial bench.

Costs for memorial benches can be found on the funeral costs page.

Bench plaques

In the Garden of Contemplation we have benches with two black granite plaques set into the backrest. You can inscribe an epitaph to your loved one on one of the plaques.

Costs for the bench plaque can be found on the funeral costs page.

Memorial Bench Plaque

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