In response to new legislation, we’ve adopted a Pavement Café Policy to help promote vibrant and diverse areas of the town for people to enjoy. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have had to cease trading for several months, and others have had to modify their operations significantly. The Business and Planning Act 2020 introduces several urgent measures to help businesses selling food and drink to recover and to temporarily ease some of the legislative requirements concerning planning and licensing. Social distancing guidelines remain in place.

These new measures will support businesses selling food and drink such as cafes, pubs and restaurants, by introducing a temporary fast-track process. Companies will need to obtain permission, in the form of a 'pavement licence', should they wish to place tables and chairs on the public highway outside their premises. The pavement licence doesn't apply to private land, that isn't on the highway.

To support local businesses, and in line with the government, we have introduced a temporary pavement café procedure. This procedure will help companies utilise outdoor space, that forms part of the public highway, provided that the area is available and suitable for them to do so.

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