Pavement Cafe's is generally considered to be the provision of tables and chairs within a designated area on a public highway.

We regulate Pavement Cafe's under Section 115c of Part VIIA of the Highways Act 1980.

Who can apply?

Anyone who would like to place tables, chairs, parasols/umbrellas on a piece of public highway or public for their customers use.

How to apply

Before applying please read the Pavement Cafe Licence policy and associated guidance notes:


The regulations governing Pavement Cafes make it clear that only areas on a public highway are to be licensed.

If you're seeking a Pavement Cafe where the land is in private ownership and hasn't been adopted you'll not be required to obtain a licence.

Fees and charges

Application fee £200

Final approval fee (upon successful application) £31

Pavement café licence transfer £75

After we receive your application

Once we've received your application, we'll consult with Responsible Authorities such as the Police, Fire, Planning department etc. (a full consultation list can be found in the policy) giving them 28 days in which to make a comment in relation to the application.

Comments can also be received from any other person such as neighbouring properties to your business.

Should no comments be made, then a Pavement Cafe Licence will normally be granted.

If any comments are received, we'll consider these before determining an application and where appropriate we'll refer the application to the Licensing Sub Committee for consideration.

All applicants are required to display a Public Notice advertising their application, for a period of 28 consecutive days beginning on the day after you've submitted your application to us.

Applications received



To make a complaint, please email