As part of the Council’s Active Travel Fund bid, a number of schemes were proposed within the town centre to encourage walking and cycling.

These aim to:

  • Maintain vehicle access into the town centre
  • Reduce the amount of through traffic (which increases traffic flow and vehicle speed) to create a more friendly environment for all users
  • Encourage walking and cycling within the town centre

It is hoped that these measures will be the first step towards a more extensive improvement scheme within the town centre.  Examples of where such schemes have been successfully provided are Frodsham Street in Chester and Fishergate in Preston.

Temporary measures were put in place in summer 2020 and have been regularly monitored. A public consultation was undertaken in December 2020 and the feedback is provided in the consultation report.

Following the consultation, some of the measures were made permanent and some kept temporary whilst monitoring was undertaken.

The plan provides an update on the measures which were made permanent, those which are proposed to me remain temporary and those we now propose to install permanently